Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You for Asking!

Mr. Ruggedly Handsome,

Thank you for asking me to marry you one year ago today. Here is a little list of things I love about you.

1. I still love your dimples.
2. And I love that you can't feel them, so you don't always know when they are showing.  
3. Sometimes they tell your secrets for you. 
4. You have great taste in music. 
5. Sometimes you sleep in late on the weekend and I think its cute.
6. I really don't mind when you sing in the car. 
7. You have introduced me to some wonderful foods: eggs over medium is one example. 
8. I like it when you pick me up and move me out of your way. 
9. You're pretty much the best roommate I have ever had. (No offense to any former roommates.)
10. You have more kinds of shoes than I do (for this or that), but I have more pairs. 
11. You love family most. 
12. You want a golden retriever and I think you should have one. Someday. 
13. You are pretty much my own personal Bobby Flay. 
14. You're still playful. 
15. You're good competition for House Hunters. 
16. You have the most energy of anyone I know. 
17. You warm the truck up for me when we are riding somewhere together and it is cold outside.
18. Usually because I'm still gathering for the trip and you've been ready to go for ten minutes.
19. You let me turn the heater up in the house when I am cold. 
20. You are sad that football season is over and I thought I would not be sad but I empathize with you.  
21. You love to quote movies.
22. You're more adventurous than I am. 
23.You're my favorite person to do nothing with. (Sorry, you're my favorite person with whom to do nothing.)
24. You had wisdom in waiting.
25. I am thankful you asked.

love you for keeps for real,


Kelley and Rhett said...

this was so cute! i should do this for rhett....

oh and i'm totally not offended about the roommate thing....I would hope that he is your favorite!

Callie Nicole said...

I agree, this is a good idea! I'll have to think of things for my husband too . . .
Oh, and on the previous post, Gus is really cute! He does look excited to be picked up. *smile*

Aliya said...

awww... thats super cute :)