Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miss Manners Doesn't Know.

So...I got a little behind on some wedding thank-yous. Mostly to people who helped out, etc., not so much with those for presents, but more with those for presence. I partly got behind because of graduate school, but the fact that I really wanted to write some meaningful, personalized notes also set me back a bit. 

So recently I got a set of notes out: Notes to a group of people who each individually mean a whole lot to me and some who also mean a lot to Handsome.

And today when I got home, there was a manilla colored envelope of personalized stationary addressed to Handsome and me. And it was the nicest thank you note back to us; a thank you for allowing that person to participate in our wedding festivities and for being a blessing to him. This is when I thought that he had been such a special blessing to us and when his actions had perhaps been a bit out of his comfort zone. (He sang a duet of one of our favorite hymns during our wedding ceremony). The note was very sweet and he started off by saying that Miss Manners might not approve of his gesture, writing a note back to us... I'll say that I was very touched and felt very honored by it even if it wasn't what Miss Manners prescribed as appropriate for the situation. Perhaps it is because manners don't always equivocate with kindness and thoughtfulness. And it was his thoughtfulness and kindness that touched my heart. So I'm thankful that not always doing the "appropriate thing" but something thoughtful can touch another in the way that the polite thing is meant to. (And because Miss Manners would probably gasp with horror at the fact that I'm still writing some thank yous).


d.a.r. said...

Wow that is amazing!! What a kind and thoughtful gesture!

Brittney Galloway said...

That IS really nice! And I'm on Mrs. Manners black list. My husband and I lost our notebook listing the gifts and gift givers, on our honeymoon. Very few of our thank you notes have made it out, unfortunately. I read that I have until our one year anniversary, so now I just have to deduce who gave what.

Kelley and Rhett said...

how sweet! I really loved your note! I was honored to be in your wedding and so blessed that you were in mine!