Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've Almost Made It.

I would just like to say:

I finished my last paper! And I went to my last class. Just one test left!

Part of me is saying whoo hoo.! While the other part is mumbling boo hoo.  

But really, deep down inside,  I'm excited and can't believe I'm this close to being finished.

I'm here! And I just finished writing!!!
 (But not for my blog).


Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching Up and Highlights!

 I can't believe its another Monday! This is my last week of actual classes. Maybe ever. I'm going to miss this. 

I didn't intend for six days to go by without posting again. How crazy the days are moving.

My last paper is due on Wednesday. I have a few other loose ends to cover today. And I have a few last classes to go to. Last week was almost as full as the week before and I didn't have it together enough to get some posts written.  Harumph.

I will tell you some highlights of my week:

I found a place to have my graduation celebration with family and a few close friends.

My girlfriends and I planned a tea and brunch outing for a few days before graduation.

I essentially finished one class, and finished attending another.

I found this little lovely from Anthropologie and ordered it: 

It should grace my presence in the next ten or so days.  It's name is "Blazing Rays." I don't ordinarily go for red... but I thought this was just adorable. And it had about 43 positive reviews. 

Now... I'm forcing myself to get offline. Write some necessary emails. And finish up some classes.

I'll try to keep you posted, and I'll be back by Thursday morning if not sooner. 

I'm here. And I'm still writing, 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Cutest Dresses I Ever Did See.

So I think I said in my last post that I'm shopping for graduation-related-activities outfits! It. is. so. fun! I mean, its sort of a pain trying to find what I want and I was discouraged in the stores the other day, but then I remembered that I had seen a couple of cute things online recently... and they just might do the trick.

Number 1. 

This little number is from Land's End Canvas. You have probably already heard about them, but I would be doing you a disservice by not mentioning the place, because it is quite fabulous. Its been called "J.Crew for the reasonable and somewhat budget responsible person." Not in those words until I just used them, but bloggers all over have been alluding to it. 

Isn't the dress just adorable? It comes in a navy too. I think I'll take both. Thanks Handsome.  I think it would be perfect for some of the pre-graduation activities. Hmm. 

Number 2.

After I was discouraged wandering some stores, the Mister reminded me to check out Banana... And I found this little linen dress. So cute! And it might look just perfect for the day-of festivities. 

These two are the dresses I like the most, of the ones I have seen so far. And let me just remind you that I haven't really had opportunity to engage in super intentional, try clothes on and consider the budget, type of shopping... but I'm happy with the start! And I'm sort of excited about the possibility of buying a few things.

I'm here. And I'm still writing,


Monday, April 19, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

Hello my sweet electronic friends,

How have you been? I have missed you during my hiatus... but I must say: it is a good thing I took a short break, because I had a difficult time getting things done last week without my favorite distraction. I'm sure it would not have been pretty if I had been blogging and not studying. 

So I'm back. And I'm feeling that awkward feeling of "how do I write a post?" that comes to me each time I take a short break. And which usually results in a bunch of sweet randomness just to get me going again.

So random list of thoughts #431 (actually probably more like 27, but 431 sounds better).

1. I hit 200 posts a while ago. Big milestone that I apparently ignored. Classic Katie.

2. So as not to miss the next big milestone in my life, I'm trying to confront it now. This means I'm in the midst of planning graduation festivities. And I'm actually going to have a bit of group to entertain. Handsome, Parentals x 2, Grand Parentals, maybe a few friends, and other random extendeds. I'm in the midst of drawing up an itenerary, looking at invitations, and altogether doing anything that sounds like graduation that doesn't confront the fact that I still have some school-related tasks to finish before I am actually allowed to graduate. Crazy how that works. But these are particularly minor (except for the one final that is 50% of my grade and the other that is 95%, but who is counting percentages at this point anyway?)

3. I am failing miserably at meal planning. But I did make a lovely dish of Squash Enchiladas the other evening. And my not-so-vegetable-happy husband enjoyed them. So that must tell you something.

4. Then again, the recipe uses ranch dressing and the man could eat ANYthing with ranch dressing. Chicken, carrots, enchiladas, Lays ruffled potato chips, eggs... oh, maybe not eggs. Who does THAT anyway? 

5. I am slowly making a switch to Soy I think. Not so much intentionally, but it started with the smoothies and it has now foamed its way into my Lattes. And I don't mind one bit. 

6. Speaking of food, I have a few ideas of recipes I'm going to try soon. And I'll be sharing if they are delicious. And I'm planning to try really hard to take photos. You will be so proud.

7. Speaking of graduation, I'm in the hunt for a few dresses / outfits for the events that I am attending. Should be lovely. And I think I have a post coming about that.

Stay tuned.

I'm BACK! And I'm still writing, 


Monday, April 12, 2010

A (Bit of) A Self-Commanded... Break.

Dear People Who Frequent My Corner (more like page) of the World Wide Web,

I'm feeling the stress. And the only way that will subside is to actually get down in the trenches and finish this thing...

So I'm taking this week off. (Or I'm planning on that). 

If inspiration hits, I might pop in, but I don't have anything planned, nothing scheduled. 

Not too mention I'm just feeling kind of grouchy about a few things and I don't want to spread that around or infect anyone else with sour feelings.

I will continue reading your posts. And I'll be back before you even realize I'm gone. 

And before then, I think its important for you to know that I got all of my Word documents into neat little folders over the weekend. Small, and seemingly unnecessary, but a victory nonetheless. 

Happy Week.

I'm here. And I'll be writing again someday soon,


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And I'm Actually Counting Down This Time.

Whooo. I'm out of steam.

And with

27 days,
3 papers,
2 edits,
2 charts,
2 final exams,
and plenty of reading before I get to that point...

It's not really an opportune time to be dreaming of vacations.

Because deep in my heart of hearts, I want to finish this race as strongly as I started it. And I'm not just referring to the start of this actual program, but more like of my collegiate career. No, actually I'm referring to my schooling in general.

Its been a race of
countless projects,
many speeches,
a few really late nights (some from high school that were with my mom that were especially fun),
a few science projects with my dad,
more homework assignments that I can imagine,
so many papers that I have blocked them from my mind as to avoid permanent damage (just kidding, sort of),
and many, many tests,
that have occurred over a period of almost twenty-one years. 

So really,

27 days,
3 papers,
1 possible quiz,
6 more homework assignments,
2 edits for other peoples work,
2 research and library charts,
2 final exams,
and plenty of reading

is very little in the race that I've pretty much run my entire life.

And I must finish this race strongly.

So I'm praying for myself.  For perseverance and for endurance in the final days of this particular journey, and for peace about what will come next.

It is in His hands, and he will give me what I need to close this one out.

Until then.

I'm still here. And I'm still writing,


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh No No No. Do Yourself a Favor and Do NOT Read This Post.

Today, during my weekly Tuesday a routine Target run, a very bad thing happened to me. You won't even believe it when you read this, because its something I had been intentionally avoiding for some time now. And I had been avoiding it quite successfully!

It happened right after I finished glancing through the new workout dvd's, hoping to find some version of a nice Pillates dvd to incorporate into my get-re-fit routine, I happened upon them.

I had heard things about them. Generally good, but that once you take the step you can't really turn back. Because you sort of get addicted. You may know of the type of situation I'm talking about... the kind of thing that starts out innocently and soon enough takes over your ability to exercise self-control and you know that you can't admit it to anyone, especially not your husband because he will be so disappointed in you, but man, without some serious intervention its going to happen anyway...
because you just went ahead put them in your basket. 

And then you pushed them down to the bottom so in the event that you run into any of your friends from school who know you are trying to be healthy and happy,  they won't see them and question you or urge you to take them out of your basket.

And you gather up your other items and hurry yourself out of your favorite retail store, just so you can get to the privacy of your car.

And you rip into the plastic and pour a few into your hand.

And then its over. 

Because they really are just. that. good.

Not to mention that they were 50% of because Easter already happened.

And then as you chug the rest of the water you have in the car and the watered down tea from lunch, to try and prevent some of the damage you have done to your blood sugar, you pray OUT LOUD that you are thankful to the Lord that it was Easter, but you are so thankful that the rest of the Easter candy is gone, so it will be almost one whole more year before you are faced with such a temptation again. 

And you ask that next year you will rest on His ability to help you flee from it since you didn't quite make it this year. (And guys, I'm really not kidding...)

Because these

are just oh too good to resist.

And you also pray a word of thanks that there were only small tubes instead of large bags left and that you were able to resist for six weeks and you thank the Lord that you live in a country where you are able to enjoy such delicate chocolate creations. 
And then you get home. Put on the clothes. And know that Jillian is not going to be any easier on you today just because you had a rough time earlier at the store.
Oh, and when I say "you" in this post, I mean me. Dang it. 

I'm here. And I'm still writing. (And you can't say I didn't warn you). 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

He isn't here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.
~ Matthew 28:6, NLT


Secret Ambition.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our First Easter Menu. Also Known As Serious Meal-Planning and A Major Step Towards Domestication.

So tomorrow, Easter Sunday 2010, Handsome and I will be in our city alone with each other.  We haven't had a holiday together and sans house guests or away from Hometown since our anniversary which isn't an all-out holiday anyway, and its one of those days where you shouldn't be in your Hometown to visit family and you shouldn't have house guests, so it doesn't count. So basically, in at least the last six months worth of days that are more like national or worldwide holidays, we haven't had one together.

And I'm thoroughly looking forward to it. 

We plan on going to an earlier-than-normal church service, after which he will take me out for my favorite omelette (Oh, whats that you say? You didn't know we were going out for breakfast? Well, sweet'ums, we totally are).  And then we will lounge, and he will go for a run, and I will prepare our fancy schmancy holiday dinner which I imagine we will partake in around 3 or 4 p.m. 

And its going to be completely fabulous for a few reasons. 1. Because I think Easter is an important holiday, and 2. because I have the opportunity to make a fancy dinner for us, since we won't be in Hometown eating with the families, and because 3. somewhere between the wedding and now I have decided I like cooking. 

So in anticipation of the day and the meal (you know how I anticipate a good meal), I have been browsing all of the best cooking websites I know. Cooking Light, Southern Living, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. And watching hours and hours of The Food Network to see what Giada and Cat Cora and Paula Dean have on their Easter Menus. 

And instead of doing the simple thing and just making of the "Easy Easter Brunch" menus that they have already created, complete with ready-to-print shopping lists and scheduled timelines, I been thinking about Handsome, and thinking about me, and thinking about what is realistic for us and what kinds of foods we would enjoy. 

So for the first time I personalized a holiday menu. (Talk about serious meal planning, people! Can I get a little applause for that?). Just kidding, but I have created something that I think is totally do-able for me. And probably for you too! In the event that you happen upon this post at some point today and have opportunity to run to the grocery store for some last minute supplies.

Our First Easter Dinner Menu

Roasted Asparagus. This is the easiest recipe I have ever looked at. Asparagus. Olive oil. S&P. Into a fairly hot oven for 10 minutes and voila. People think you are brilliant or skilled or something. 

Grilled Steak: You see, this is brilliant to include, because Handsome loves to grill. And he's rather good at it. So this makes for one less item that I need to prepare.  I'm really simplifying this way and I know Handsome will think it tastes good because he grilled it. And it will. Because he grilled it. Not to mention that  he can finally use the Williams Sonoma steak grilling rub I bought him  us for Christmas.  And I don't know how to grill so I can't give you any tips here, but maybe someday Handsome will write a how-to post about grilling and you can read it or maybe you are married to Bobby Flay  and he will have thought-out and will prepare an absolutely excellent Easter menu for you. 

Roasted Potatoes with Herbed Vinaigrette. Because. This sounds wonderful. And one roasted item is clearly not enough for a decadent meal. 

Buttery Rolls (because even if we have potatoes, Handsome can't go a whole fancy meal without a bread item as well and I really don't want him grabbing the plastic bag loaf and bringing over regular sliced bread to my fancy holiday meal for two). Oh, and I'll probably cheat and buy something ready to go at the store, because I am not prepared to spend the day making dough, especially without a bread machine.

Carrot Cake for Dessert. Because it sounds good. And because one PW recipe in a fancy schmancy meal is just not enough. Even if this is the most complicated thing on the menu. Not to mention that I probably owe Handsome a non-chocolate dish. And its spring and its Easter and honestly, who doesn't absolutely LOVE cream cheese frosting. Mmm mmm. 

Happy Eating. Happy Planning. Happy Easter. 

I'm here. And I'm still writing, 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Times A'changin.

I don't know when twenty minute naps became an almost daily necessity.

I don't know when coffee or, at the least, black tea with honey became a morning ritual.

I don't know when going to bed after eleven wrecked me for waking up on time.

I don't know when movies and pizza in became more appealing than getting dolled up for a fancy dinner out and a late show. 

I don't know when texting or emailing friends became a more regular method of communication than a simple phone call or lunch date. 

Its funny how time, time management, age, and lifestyles change, isn't it? 

Has the tune of your life been adjusted? 

I'm here. And I'm still writing (changes and all),