Monday, September 13, 2010

How I Managed to Drag My Husband Out of the Woods.

Every so often Handsome or I get this little tickle that makes us want to modify our surroundings. He will likely argue with the above statement, so I'll just claim it for myself: Sometimes I want to redecorate a bit!
Seeing as we rent our little abode and have signed on the line to never crayola the walls with shades of Indigo or Razzmatazz or Wild Blue Yonder, we are stuck with a nice shade of Almond on all of our walls.

Thusly, the redecorating usually involves rearranging the furniture or the wall hangings or occasionally a change of fabric.

Handsome inherited the Al Borlin-esque couch prior to our marriage and he decided that sharing it with me would be quite a lovely wedding gift! Seeing as I had no couch of my own, and the papasan only seats one bum (literally or figuratively) I gladly accepted his gracious gift. 

See below: 

Now I was certainly a fan of Home Improvement in the glory days of television broadcasting, but since moving in with the husband I have wanted to change cover things up a bit. But seeing as marriage is all about compromise and being a newly-wedded bride with all sorts of hopes to be the best wife ever, I never pushed the issue too much because a certain husband of mine thinks "covers" are umm, how should we say it?, tacky. ugly. cheap-looking. and I could go on.

So I have been living happily in a rustic Oregon cabin in the year 1991 for approximately two years. Until last Saturday night when Handsome decided that our throw pillows have not been adequately supporting his neck. So we left the wooded forrest and headed into town like every other childless couple can freely do on Saturday night and we ventured into another kind of frrest: a forest of throw pillows at stores like Pier One and Tar-jeh and Linens-n-Things. 

And once we reach a clearing, after much hiking and debating and after hitting a few switchbacks, we bought a cover.  We took it home and immediately blanketed Al Borlin with our Almond canvas colored purchase. 

Much to our dismay, it was hideous, but Handsome is not one to give up quickly. So within two or so days we had scoured all of our reasonable options in our city and come across a rich chocolately possibility. 

See below: 

If you know me at all, you know I won't turn down chocolate. But I'm so glad that Handsome was open to the change, because I'm quite pleased with our fix. It didn't break the bank. We didn't buy new furniture that might not work in a new place when (and if) we ever decide to move. Both of us are happy. And we got new pillows too. 

Proving, that compromise and patience is key to a successful marriage. And a little bit of chocolate never hurt anyone.


I'm here. And I'm still writing,

Post. Script. Please forgive the lighting in the before photograph. I took the photo and didn't review it before we had already covered the couch. While I'm certain that Handsome would be happy to remove the cover so I could get a better photo, I decided that I would prefer to wait and use a labor request for a more difficult or necessary project. I knew you would understand.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Listed Without Method.

1. We joined a gym... and I just love having the opportunity to go! This is the first time I have ever really been a gym member (other than in college or paying for pool use for swim team as a child) and so far, it is one of the best decisions we have made. I haven't been brave enough to try a class yet, but one of these days I'll get in there. I'm especially interested in the spin classes and the cardio/weights classes.

2. I'm craving s'mores. But I want the campfire part and sweaters to go with! On the grill or on the stove just doesn't sound appealing!

3. The fall clothes: jackets and boots, sweaters and jeans are really looking nice! This year I won't need as many casual clothes (because of my work dress code), so of course that is what looks the best to me at the stores.

4. I'm having nightmares about my job! Last night I dreamed that I started to get in the shower at the office at 6:45 a..m. thinking I would have enough time to get ready and then realizing everyone was congregating because we were supposed to be there and ready at 7! It was an awfully stinky way to start the first day on job.

5. A yogurt bar place recently opened near our home. We had been to Peachwave before and not been too excited about it. I convinced begged and pleaded with Handsome to go with me to try it and he reluctantly agreed. And I'm happy to say we were both pleased!

6. I'm in the process of closet purging (like as I type). Most of my code appropriate clothing lives in an armoir in one room of our house and most of my (former) daily clothes live in the closet in our guest room. I'm purging that closet and rearranging to try and fit my work clothes in my closet with my casual clothes such that everything will cohabitate peacefully. Thus, (hopefully) making it easier to create outfits in the early mornings.

7. I can't shop online unless I'm looking for a specific piece (like I saw it in the store and want to order it now). I guess I don't have the patience.  Catalogs still work for me, but I just can't get into this clicking from one page to the next to the next while every image loads. And then having to open up specific pages for each of the items I might be interested in! Ahhhh. It's enough to drive a girl batty.

8. I also can't get into ballet flats as proper footwear. For one, my feet get cold and two, I don't like the back bottoms of my pants to fray. But dang they are cute on others and boy oh boy do I feel like a frump walking around in clogs!

9. I really wish I was on vacation. Handsome and I had the BEST time last month and I am just smiling as I sit here thinking about it.

10. I never updated you, but my hard drive was wrecked. I lost a little bit of data, but nothing irreplaceable or devastating. My warranty on the computer was out, but somehow! remarkably! my hard drive was still under warranty. So they replaced it on the spot and since then I've had my little mac back and life is good!

I'm here. And I'm still writing,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big News!

So earlier this summer I was studying a bit, ahem a lot, for this one test I had to take to make myself employable and licensable in the field I just got a degree. I took the test and haven't thought too much about it since then, except for the occasional nightmare about being late(after the fact is weird I know!) and every so often during a conversation with friends who also took it. 
After one such conversation, I was informed  of the average number of days to get results. The informant also clued me in to the fact that we were FOUR days from that magic number.
I had a couple momentary freak outs in the next three days.

And then I woke up on that magic number day, got my coffee, went shoe shopping and started to run a few errands before I realized that the AVERAGE number of days between the test and the results had  passed. That day and any day after was fair game to receive the envelope in the mail...Eeeek! (I honestly can't believe I had forgotten when I woke up that morning, but it allowed me some very quiet uninterrupted shoe shopping time before the crowds hit the stores).
 As soon as I realized it could be the day, I prayed to the Lord! I asked for calmness and that I could drive myself safely and also that I would be able to look at my results (if we had them) before any friends called to inquire as to my status.

I raced home in my car. Calmly opened my envelope and....good news! I passed!! And thankfully no one had called yet! I immediately called my husband and parents to share the good news.
I guess this means that I am now officially employable and a grown-up (well, after my first pay-check I guess) and all of that! 
Thanks for sticking it out with me!
I'm here. And I'm still writing,
No more tests. No more books. No more teachers, umm I hadn't gotten a dirty look from a teacher since probably freshman year of high school when I might have gotten in trouble once or twice for chatting (verbally that is, no IMing in class for me!)