Monday, January 16, 2012

Intentional Changes.

I have spent the first two weeks of the new year brainstorming ideas that I could work on or change.  Some people declared theirs "resolutions" and began at the beginning of the year.  After being inundated with  reports about how unlikely we are to actually effect long-term change if we start on January 1, I was tempted to wait or not announce anything. However,  I gave it some serious thought and came up with a few things I have been thinking about or already working on, and created a list of what I'd like to do or accomplish in the next fifty weeks.  Here is my list:
1. Finish 12 books.  I say finish because I have a few books sitting on my nightstand that I really should get through before I purchase or begin any new ones.
2. Make curtains for two bedrooms and our living room.
3. Train for and consider running 13.1 miles in June in a race.  
4.  Continue to cook regularly and maybe add in a few more recipes so that Handsome doesn't get bored.
5. Post pictures of wreaths I have made recently to the blog! 
6. Order our wedding album before our anniversary in August and order prints... Embarrassing I know. 
7. Work on more scripture memory verses and get at least a little plugged in at a church in our new town.
8. Blog more. Even if it means I just get one post posted a month.
So, that is all I have.  Some of these things have been troubling me for a great deal of time, so 2012 would be a great time to take care of them.  I have other thoughts and ideas and little to-dos but I'm thinking big picture here people and I want to set attainable goals that still might do some stretching and make room for growing. I'll try to keep you updated.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011 By the Numbers

So it is now the middle of January. I still want to do some form of 2011 recap, so  here is 2011 by the numbers!

1: Trip to the Emergency Room,

1: Anniversary celebrated at a very delicious steakhouse, complete with flowers and a bracelet from my man

1: Morning in my old high school

1: New addition to the family! (our 102 lb. bloodhound named Big Baby)

and 1: missed trip to Hawaii! :(

2: Moves! One across the country, one across our town.

and 2: Missed days of work (one following our 1 trip to the ER). 

3: Job applications completed!

and 3: Friends having beautiful babies! 

and 3: Weeks of eating-in, almost exclusively...the longest amount of time we have avoided restaurants during our entire marriage.

4: Months of school and months of being jobless.

5: Big finals for hubby, but 0 big tests for me!

6: close to the number of times I blogged. So embarrassing. 

and 6: times I stepped out of my comfort zone to meet new people since moving to our new town.

7: Trips to Hometown throughout the year.

8: Months of work!

9ish?: Different churches we visited or tried due to trips out of town and our move!

10: (approximately) the number of new recipes we have incorporated into our regular repertoire.

11: States visited including, but not limited to, Washington, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Texas! 

16: Church league softball games

21: times I felt embarrassed or put my foot in my mouth. (I'm guessing here people).

(approximately) 40: Known food allergies

60: Skin tests for hives

(approximately) 80: Prescriptions filled and taken! Sheesh!!

(approximately) 120: Boxes packed and unpacked.

Countless: hugs, kisses, shouts, "I love yous" and "I'm sorrys"


And Christmas by the numbers:

We saw: 4 parents, 3 grandparents, 2 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, 4 nieces, 3 family pets, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 1 cousin, and countless friends and  family.  It was a busy but full time.