Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hairstyles of the Young Professional.

This is my hair.

It is long, wavy and has been making me crazy all summer. It takes a while to fix and it feels hot. I wash it every couple of days, usually blow it dry and run a straightening iron through it. If I don't sweat or put it back that first day it usually looks decent for a few days, but when it comes time to wash it again... I delay and delay and delay because I don't like working on it!

The day I took that picture above was a day that I had let it air dry and then used a curling iron to tame it. I took that photo to send to Handsome so he could tell me if I looked ridiculous or not. I liked it, but that took a good portion of my day too and... I can't wash my hair every single day because its way too dry for that kind of abuse.
 I have been in the process of growing my hair out since 2004. I cut it to almost chin length that year in the spring and while I liked it for a little while, I cringe when I see photos from that time period and I basically have told all of my hair stylists since that time that I would like it to grow or I would not like to lose much length if possible and thus, have probably never lost more that 2 inches at a cutting since '04.

But... I just graduated from school and I'm soon to enter the "professional grown up" world. This payday situation and the fact that I have been mostly irritated with my hair  (and the way it looks in photos) for the past six months has brought me to googling hairstyles in all of the time that I have been on the computer lately.

I think I am ready for a change. Maybe not of the pixie or chin length variety, but a little something lighter, easier to handle and a bit more polished if you will.  A little something that doesn't take so long to fix that I feel like I don't want to work out when my hair looks good, thusly contributing to the strong distaste for photos of self?
What do you think?  Should I stick with it a little longer and see if this is a fleeting desire or should I go for a new look?
...a la LC? 

Or maybe Gwenny?

Or Claire?

I'm here. And I'm still writing,


Monday, August 23, 2010

So Many Ideas, So Little .... Um, Skill?

Around the time I was in the last study crunch before my exam, I experienced a little computer issue. Some noises started happening, and I force quit the machine and tried to use the cd's and internet directions on correcting the problem, but to no (personal) avail.

My husband offered to help me out by taking it in and seeing what could be done, but it is my computer and I was with it when the problem started and I didn't want to spend any more time addressing it pre-test, nor did I want him to have to be the bearer of bad news on days when I was close enough to an anxiety attack without bad news. I just figured that such things could not be good for our relationship.
So I delayed in taking it. And while I have had access to a substitute computer for sometime, I am unfortunately running out of time with it. Thus, I am quickly approaching a place where I have no choice but to go in. Probably good for me to have that kind of pressure!
 I have been procrastinating with the repair situation, because I'm nervous about the results.I have already played through all the scenarios and I can't imagine a good one. I picture loosing things I hadn't backed up recently (which is some) or having to get a new computer (because who wants to spend the money) or really just being told I'm dumb because I didn't know how to fix something simple myself.
But the point I'm trying to make has nothing to do with garnering sympathy for the technical issues with my sweet little Mac buddy, but more of an informative and complaint with the computer I am using. (And while I'm glad I have internet access, I still have complaints!).
For instance, I do not know how to get to photos I have uploaded or to get them into blogger.
Every time I start a post or reading something, I get an update notice and then Windows proceeds to count down the seconds until I'm kicked off.
It updates so frequently I think, that it makes me not want to get onto the computer at all because I usually spend more time updating and virus protecting or scanning that I do with what I came to accomplish.
.... and thus, a combination of these things (added to a little neck strain issue I often experience with any laptop) keeps me off the computer and off the blog.
But my husband and maybe the rest of the world will be so proud to find out that I made an appointment and am taking my old laptop in today for a diagnosis (only a mere month after the occurrence that has threatened its life and my blogging existence). I'll keep you posted on that situation and in the meantime, will try to learn how to steal photos of celebrities and paste them into my blog so I can compose a post I have been wanting to write for sometime.
Hope you have a fabulous Monday.
I'm here. And (I guess you could say) I'm (sort of) writing,

post. script. (Oh, and if you are worried about my neck, know that I have another keyboard I can plug in if necessary that is ergonomic and helps the siutation... but restrains me to the table and desk area of the home which are neither very exciting nor creativity inducing.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I just returned from a spontaneous week-long trip with the Mr. to celebrate our anniversary, his birthday, and my finishing of that test. We had talked about going and made tentative plans, but didn't book a hotel or schedule anything specific and even talked about not going at this point.

But last Monday he suprised me by saying, "Pack up, we're going on a trip."
And I can tell you it was a fabulous rejuvenating time! I have yet to upload photos, but these are some highlights:
We golfed, or technically he golfed and I rode and walked along.
We rode bikes on a lake trail and ate dinner overlooking sunset on the lake.
We went to a baseball game last minute and got to it pretty near home plate.

We had many delicious dinners and a few delectable desserts.
We had fun laughing together in the car and thankfully he drove most of the journey.
We shopped a little bit.
And saw some family one afternoon.
I didn't check email, read blogs, or write any posts while we were gone, so I have some catching up to do. Life sometimes interrupts blogging and I think it is a very good thing because all together this trip was some of the most fun Handsome and I have had together. We are both glad to be home, but we made some really good memories.

I have lunch planned with my future employer and some of the people that work with her. I'm excited about it but a little nervous as well, so I'm off to shower and get ready.
Have a lovely day.
I'm here and I'm still writing,

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Longest Day of Cooking of My Life Thus Far. Part One.

or, yet another detour on the long road to domestication. Or, isn't it true: pride cometh before the fall.
I'm not even sure where to begin this post. I had illusions of grandeur apparently when I set out. I was going to share pictures of my perfectly executed, gorgeous prepared meal to take to my friend who recently had a baby. But alas, I have no photos.
And I didn't have a salad and I didn't wrap the gift either.
Back Story:
You see, I missed my friends baby shower. Because I was super selfish all summer studying for that test and I have felt like a jerk, especially after she and her pregnant self and her husband found the time to attend my graduation party. And out of my shame, I didn't rsvp or email or call when I missed the shower.
Her baby was due on my man's birthday and I figured he would make his appearance right around his due date. But he came early. And spent some time in the NICU and I didn't even know about it. Umm, because I am not on facebook. Oh, and because I missed the shower.
So my friend emailed me the day after my test was over to let me know her beautiful son had come into the world. I promptly called her and told her I would really like to bring them dinner and spend some time with her. And she graciously accepted!
So I planned a meal on Tuesday. I decided on a less seasoned version of chicken spaghetti for a number of reasons:
 1. I have experience making it.
2. It's simple.
3. It reheats / freezes and reheats well even for a person who does not like leftovers.
4. Chicken is neutral and one of the things they eat.
5. Pasta is comfort food. They have had a lot of stress.
6. It's Handsome's favorite. I think it is rather delicious, too.
And I found a tasty recipe for desert as well. Something I hadn't ever tried before, but thought it looked simple enough.
So I scoured our cabinets and drawers, compared to the recipes, and wrote a list. I wanted to shop Tuesday evening, but I was tired. So it didn't happen.
But I woke up early and set out to the grocery store. I intentionally went to one of the stores a little farther from our house, because I just knew that there was a better chance that they would have all of the ingredients I needed and thus, would simplify the day even farther.
(Part Dos coming next week).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Do To Day.

In an effort to keep myself motivated and on track, I'm posting my to do list. I have a strong desire to sit and read for the majority of the day (and maybe throw in a shopping trip if I have a desire to get out of my sweatpants) but I'm resisting the urges and trying to keep myself honest. There are a number of things that must be done and I figure sooner is probably better than later. So, these are the things I have lined up for the day:
1. Clean house. It's been far too long. And Handsome has picked up my slack, so it's time I say thank you to him and get things going.
2. Laundry. A continual must. All of my cute clothes are dirty, hence the sweats.
3. Write thank you cards. I have a number of people who went out of their way to make me feel loved, appreciated, cared for and prayed for while I was studying this summer. It is only right that I let them know of my appreciation.
4. Make an Appointment with a genius. My little Mac is having an issue and I need to take it in. I'm uncertain of the results, which is part of the reason for delay. But I must face the situation, so I'll make an appointment and see when I can find my way to a Mac store.
Nothing much and nothing very exciting, but I suppose that it how most day to day life is. Thanks for letting me use this space to stay accountable.
I'm here. And I'm still writing,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Goodbye, July. Hello, August!

First off, you all are so fabulous! I'm so glad to have this community to seek advice from (or from whom to seek advice :) !! ). Thank you for your suggestions. I have some ideas stewing and think I'll be okay for this go around. And I will definitely be experimenting on Handsome with other recipes for my other new Mom friends and then will have a full arsenal of recipes to whip out.
So. How are you? I'm doing fantabulous if case you were wondering. I finished "testing" late last week and I have been relishing the period of rest that has been granted me. I won't have any results for weeks to come, but I'm okay with the uncertainty of it at this point and am just trying to enjoy my life, my husband, and my new found freedom.
A few things have happened while I have (sort of) been on hiatus (for like the month of July).
1. I got a job!! It is something I'm very excited about. It came about fairly quickly and we finally got around to telling our real life people, so I feel comfortable sharing the fact of it on the blog. It is an opportunity I had thought had passed in September and October when most people were matched, but do to some odd circumstances, a spot opened up. And I jumped on it. And the Lord once again reminded me and Handsome how it has been in His hands all along. I'm really looking forward to the type of work I will be doing and count this as a huge blessing. I'm actually really excited about beginning a career in this field now. 
2. I resumed working out (for the umm, like ninth time this year). I have a solid six weeks to get into some good habits and routine and I'm so looking forward to it. Yesterday evening Handsome and I got to go for a little ride. Some of it was uphill and into the wind. Good burn. I am actually hoping that I can feel it in a few days.
3. I finished this lovely book,
Her Mother's Hope (Marta's Legacy)
hopped on Amazon to get what I thought was the second part, only to be disappointed that it won't be out until September. I had heard (and relied in my heart) that it would be out in July. Nevertheless, I loved the first part. If you haven't purchased it, order it now. Or in September when you can enjoy them one right after the other.
Her Daughter's Dream (Marta's Legacy)
4. We spent another weekend at home with the families. I only saw his parents and mine. He saw his brothers family and grandma as well as the parents. It was very pleasant to chat and visit and eat together. I realized I had not probably given full focus to any familial chat in some time and I really enjoyed it. My parents are in the middle of a remodel so it was exciting to see how things were changing in their home and how thrilled they are to be able to get to do something new.
So I guess that is really only four things that have occurred up until now, but more things are coming. August is a celebratory month for our families and I couldn't be more excited about it.

I have intentions to keep you posted. Until then I'll be looking for a good book or two or seven to read (suggestions are welcome) and I'll be here. And I'll be writing, 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Help! The Momma is Hungry.

Hi any readers that are still around.
How are you? Can you help me with something? If you have been a new mom, what were some of the best dishes or most helpful meals that people brought to you? Of if maybe you are just a thoughtful friend who has taken meals to new parents, you can share your go-to dish.
I have only done this once. And I took a modified Chicken Spaghetti.

I'm on a mission. Taking a meal to a friend tomorrow. So...if you have any ideas (that won't break the bank) and that you would be willing to share I would appreciate it.
I'm back. I'm here. And I'm still writing,