Thursday, February 26, 2009

So. Cute.

So I definitely don't need another bag of any variety. (Except perhaps a duffle for weekend / shorter trips, because right now I use my super duper large rolling bag for EVERY trip seeing as it is the only luggage I own... but that also gives me a reason to overpack for every trip I take... and I digress) But I happened upon one a while back that I like now and I apparently liked before (because it was in my online shopping bag at J.Crew even though I had forgotten about it) and how stinkin' cute is this? 
Mr. Rh: It wasn't in the shopping bag because I intend on purchasing, but was merely there so I could go back on a day like today and find it waiting for me to admire again...

Friends, it can be monogramed. And can be yours for only, oh gee, lets just say entirely too much money for a newly-wedded graduate student to spend on a bag she doesn't need.  

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Brittney Galloway said...

I like it too! I think on my J.Crew obsession post, I posted a coral one of those. But, I didn't know it could be monogrammed (gasp!) Too bad I am a newly married teacher, lol.