Monday, February 2, 2009

Budget-friendly Cooking.

So in the interest of our budget, Mr Rh and I got on the same team about our eating habits and we have been attempting to eat out less / eat in more. I'm not great at this because I love the event of going out and often like the food too! Not always more than what we can make for ourselves at the house, but sometimes. I'm also not much of one for cold sandwiches aside from peanut butter, but recently there has been a problem with peanut butter.

I'm telling you about this, because I'm hoping it might help keep me on board and encouraged. It also makes the meals more like events! I don't want to be the reason our team fails, so I'm looking for encouragement and ideas! I am also trying to think of a cute way to keep track of menus and recipes and also to make it accessible for other bloggers who might be in a similar situation. :) 

Last night we did alright.  (And we did alright for breakfast too: we had muffins Sunday morning thanks to a mix and a willing husband! ) For dinner, I had tamales that had been frozen since Christmas-time and Mr. Rugged had some pizza left over from our date Saturday night!  We both have big days on Tuesday of this week, so it would be nice if our dinner tonight was simple and pleasant and it would be even better if it was simple and pleasant on Tuesday(I'll be at school fairly late). I think I would be up for tamales again so maybe that is the plan. I'll have to ask Mr. Rh what he would like.  One wonderful thing about my Mr. is that he is super good at taking care of himself! The man's mama taught him well, not too mention the years of he fed himself during college, so even if I don't have a great idea, he will probably be able to scavenge for himself.  

I'll let you know how things go later this week. In between now and then, I would love for you to share your simple recipes / ideas about making dinner at home more special / etc...! 


Sarah said...

we are doing the same thing! it sucks, but makes going out a lot more fun when you actually can do that.

anyway, the easiest things we do are chicken dishes, usually with rice, veggies, mashers...whatever you have in the pantry. i also love using my crock pot and there are a ton of great recipes online for whatever it is you want to make. i rarely use recipes and just kinda do whatever i want and it turns our great! have fun!!

The Ratcliffs said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You should totally do NaBloPomo! You meet so many great people! I'm enjoying my first 2days so far : )

Reel Happy Newlyweds said...

let me know how this works out for you! Kuddos to you for working on being budget friendly and eating better. usually when you eat at home its healthier for you.
I'm going to keep up with your blog for moral support. I'm trying the same thing but my taste buds always win the war :)

Kelley and Rhett said...

when you learn how to eat more budget friendly please give me some pointers....we need to stop eating out as much...eek! I hope you had a great monday!

Mrs said...

Hi there! Found your blog through Baby Bangs!

I just had to comment on this one. The BEST thing I've found for sticking to a budget and not eating out so much is a Make and Take meal place! It's where you order your food, go in and assemble them, then take them home and stick them in the freezer. Just thaw for 24 hrs in the fridge and cook.

If I'm planning a meal for Monday night, I'll put it in the fridge Sunday morning.

This, more than menu planning, meal planning, once-a-month cooking, has kept us (a family of 5) from eating out. The place I go to has DELICIOUS, practically gourmet meals. I pick up fresh veggies and breakfast food at the grocery and that's it!

When there's just the two of you, it's REALLY a great deal. The place I use is $155 for TWELVE meals! (Serving size 2-3 servings). That's almost 2 weeks worth of meals!

The bonus is, the serving size is limited so I don't overeat! Sorry to sound like a commercial, so I am deliberately NOT telling the name of the one I use. Google Make-and-Take meals and you're sure to find one in your area.