Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Culmination of my Big day (ahem, days!)

quick post: Going to dinner with Handsome's sister in law SaRah... and I'm sooo excited.

Update on the culmination of my big day turned into 3: Finally(!) finished my presentation in class today. I'm so thankful. I read for one of my other two classes that followed. And I got called on in the class that I thankfully had read for. (Had a feeling I needed to be prepared in there today).  I might add that I was called on with the singularly most difficult question of the day (my friend JC thinks it was the most difficult question of the semester so far... but I digress). Thankfully I had finished the reading and that Professor gave me a little hint and that I was able to pull off some kind of answer. But... not without blushing from embarrassment for being called on without a well-thought out answer, in a class of almost 100 people!

Afterwards I got a sweet hug from the Mr. and he reminded me that when you are in school you're not supposed to know everything and that people learn from other peoples mistakes... so feeling embarrassed when called upon is an OK thing. 

Now I dare say it is time to relax. At least for the evening, and tomorrow it will be back books / joys of school. 

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