Monday, February 16, 2009

The Letter F. (without Fotos).

I had fun with this post thanks to quite contrary.

I have the Letter F (for February) and I am supposed to tell you all about 10 fabulous things that I find favor with that start with this letter. Mr. Ruggedly Handsome and I had a great time coming up with many a thing that begins with the letter F on our trip home today. So much fun in fact that we seriously had to force ourselves to cease saying new words and try and forget at least a few of them. 

It is the only mascara I like. Not kidding. Confession: I probably only wear mascara once every few weeks, maybe months, but I have tried my fair share and I hardly like the brush or staying power of any other. The only problem is, that I have the toughest time finding it anywhere anymore. 

Any and all. I appreciate the beauty in each and every one. 

Fourth of July / Flags
Probably because I love summer-weather and I love shortcake with fruit and both of those are abundant on the Fourth. The fact that swimming and fireworks are involved also helps. 

Francine Rivers.
She wrote my favorite book series ever. The Mark of the Lion trilogy will change your life and ruin you on other "good" books for a long, long time. 

Handsome loves golfing, and even though I normally have to yell "Fore" at least once if I go with him, I still like the game and I really like being with him. 

Flat Iron.
I have wavy hair. (Ok, frizzy if I'm honest). And it makes me feel all out of sorts, so the flat-iron is a must-have. It helps me feel polished or shall I say, flawless. (Just kidding). 

French Toast.
One of my favorite breakfast foods

Flip flops.
Who doesn't love them? The last few years my favorites are Teva's! Skinny straps, fat straps, you name it. I  probably wear them all summer long, or when it is at least 98 degrees Fahrenheit. And  I only change when I have to for a job or to go for a run. 

Freshly squeezed orange juice.
Mmm. Nothing beats a freshly squeezed glass of OJ, especially with french toast or a fantastic omelet. 

Fixtures. (Light fixtures that is). 
I love floor lamps, desk lamps, hanging fixtures, you name it. I'm a girl with a light obsession, so long as they are the slightest bit unique and maybe a bit fancy. ;)

I am a big fan of dolphins and he is perhaps the most famous one. What is not to love about an intelligent animal with a lot of personality that loves his humans family

I am cold a LOT in the winter, so I love sitting by a fire and reading by the crackling flames. Almost nothing beats that for me.

Ok, maybe I went a little overboard with all the F's and f-words(not the bad kind), but I really wanted to try and use as many as possible and felt like it was a bit of a challenge against myself, and also a reward, since we spent so much brain power on our trip thinking of them. Now, I'm off to get a facial and lay my little head down on that feather-pillow for some much needed beauty rest. For as Meg Ryan would say "my heads is starting to get fuzzy."

*If you would like to do this, too, leave a message, and I'll assign you a fantastic letter of your own!

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Callie Nicole said...

This was fun! I agree, the Mark of the Lion series are some of my favorite books too! I just read them for the first time this year, and I wanted to cry when I finished the last book, because the series was over. :o)