Friday, May 28, 2010

Thoughts I Would Tweet If I Had Twitter. And The Obvious Reason Why I Don't.

Why is it so hard to give up Dr. Pepper? Not having any cold in the fridge helps...
Who knew hanging up clothes could be such a daunting task?
Is there really a good way to  wash a wire strainer without the dishwasher?

The Good Wife: Finally an hour of television I actually enjoy!

I know bottled H2O is "bad" for the environment, but I think it is delish!

Mom! Call me!

Handsome! Call me!

When do people give names to their children? Where do they get the names?

I can do a LOT with 140 characters if I get creative!

Who wants beer when they can have ice cream?
The sink sprayer and a good sponge help with cleaning of the wire strainer! 

Lamp light makes everything look better!

I don't get anything accomplished without a to-do list.
Is obvs a good abbreviation for obviously? Because I'm always tempted to use it.
So now you have had a glimpse of many of my random thoughts! And after reading them, you are probably so relieved I don't have twitter and that you don't have to follow me.



I'm here. And I'm still writing,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gifted. And Blessed.

Let me just say, I have been so spoiled and so blessed by my family and friends. They went above and beyond with the thoughtfulness of their gifts to me for my graduation. 
My ever-thoughtful husband gifted me with a brand spankin' new pair of golf shoes. He even sat with me for about an hour while I proceeded to try on virtually every pair in the golf store and he re-boxed them all too! 

These make me look extra stylish on the course... and you just know that its a perfect fit for me because I am really enjoying learning how to golf and I'm all about looking stylish!

To go along with the shoes, he suggested to his siblings (and siblings-in law) that I would absolutely love a white, black, and kelly green golf bag, so the whole group got it for me. I had a golf bag before this that matched my clubs, but it is a cart bag (meaning you can't walk the course with it). This bag  has a double shoulder strap like a backpack, so I can walk nine holes with him! Saves us dough on the cart fee and helps me get in shape!

My Milly and father-in-law, found this  and it looks fabulous on one of our tables.

I love the lines of this triple bowl and it just shines and sparkles and will be a great conversation piece for years to come! Its even great for almonds or queso at a party because its washable.

And my parents gave me this unbelievably beautiful necklace!

You can't see the entire thing here, but I just love how those little silver droplets sit next to each other and sparkle. It is sooo fancy and special and I know I'll feel beautiful and loved each time I wear it.

I was completely floored by my families love and generosity in commemorating my graduation. I am blessed to have people in my life who share in my joy and have taken care to find gifts that I will be able to have for a lifetime. 

I'm here. And I'm still writing,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Exactly Is the Audience?

Do you ever consciously sit and think about who you are blogging for?

Because I do.

I often wonder, while I'm in the middle of writing a post, whether its addressed to the blogging world or to me and Handsome and to our children in twenty years. I wonder if I'm actually writing to you, the readers, the actual audience, and if so, if I will actually want to go back and read my posts someday.  Because I started writing with the idea of documenting my thoughts, my stories and my life.

And I think I do document my thoughts, my stories, my likes and my life, but sometimes most of the time while I'm working on a post, I get to thinking about how it reads and how the readers will react to it.

Maybe this is a good thing because they say a good writer always knows his audience. But I'm not sure who my audience is. Is it me? Is it you? Is it somehow both? (Right, like a primary and a secondary audience). I haven't quite figured that out yet, because as my blog has developed and as I've gotten to know other bloggers, I realize that I like the conversation type of exchange that happens as we get to know one another. But personally, I have this desire to create something that I won't mind pulling out at some point later in my life.

Especially since I want to get one of those fancy Blog Books that people talk about all the time.

Anyway, as I was sorting this out in my head, I just thought I'd see if anyone else is conscious of this fact and how it gets sorted out.  And you know, blog to you about blogging. This is clearly one of the entries I wouldn't really care to read someday if I printed it in a blogging book. ;)

And its not a post that I think my husband will ready because my husband isn't too big of a fan of the posts when I blog about blogging. And I understand why.  Because its boring.  So I won't do it much longer.

I'm here. And I'm still writing,  

Post. Script. I've been wanting to say "Welcome" to my new followers, so what better post than one talking about the audience! Welcome to you and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Recipes.

So maybe you remember the post when I talked about the family brunch we planned to host on the morning of my graduation? Well... it was a great time! Everything didn't work out quite as planned, and after some hectic twists and turns, I didn't quite pull it off the way I envisioned: table scaped, plenty of photos, delicious foods, and fabulous company, but I think it was a success for our first little party as husband and wife. 
We had orange juice, water and coffee. We had mimosa's with cut strawberries, orange juice and champagne (with thanks to my mom and husband for the suggestion). 

We had freshly cut pears and strawberries.

We had a great made-from-scratch-with-whatever-I-had-in-the-refrigerator egg casserole.

And we had these as planned...


Above we have them fresh out of the oven, pre-glaze. 
And below we have them freshly glazed, and sideways (whoops!). 

I definitely recommend that you try these!

And if you get hungry for an egg casserole then I recommend this one (even though I don't have a picture of any quality to accompany it)...
Katie and Mom's Fabulous Mexican-ish Breakfast Casserole

Sautee and cool the following: 
One chopped bell pepper.
Two chopped jalapenos.
And one small golden onion. 
Approximately one can of diced Annaheim chiles.

Whisk 9 eggs with about 1/2 cup of milk or half and half in a bowl and sprinkled with salt and pepper.
Once the onions, etc. have cooled, combine with eggs mixture,   2 1/2 cups of shredded Monterrey Jack cheese and one or two shredded uncooked Idaho Russet potatoes.

I let it sit like this overnight, and baked it in a greased 9x13 for around thirty minutes at 400 degrees the morning of the brunch.

We cut it and served it with extra fresh Monterrey Jack and Salsa. 

So other than not buying the cheeses, not table scaping, and not getting pictures of anything, but the PW Cinnamon Rolls on an old school disposable film camera nonetheless, I was satisfied with everything and how it turned out.

Good food, good company, and another fun graduation celebration memory!

I'm here and I'm still writing,


Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to Bikini's and Blogging!

UmmmK. So maybe I'm a lame blogger because lately I post on Mondays and Tuesdays and trail off after that! 

But this week, its not the case because I am pre-writing and scheduling, so when I'm tired and grouchy and my brain can't put two words together well or clearly, and much less  create a post, my blog will still be running. Or more accurately: updating. And maybe I'll be running!

What's that you say, KB? You plan on running? 

Well, yes. In fact I do. 

And I'm actually planning on training. For a 5K. (And I'm not sure I mean a race, but more like the distance). 

I've alluded to this idea before and I've wanted to do it for, oh, since 2004 which was the year I was actually running a lot.

And since I don't have enough on my plate this summer with studying for my licensing exam at the beginning of August, I think this might actually be the time I do it.

I've been scoping out races for a while now. 

And I've been reading running blogs, too. 

Trying to gather the motivation and the inspiration from outside sources. (Even though there is good motivation screaming from my closet and  bikini drawer). (Yes, I have enough bikini's to fill a drawer. And I love a good pool. And yes, maybe I need to grow up and buy a more modest age-appropriate one piece, but I have plenty of years for that). 

Anyway. I currently think think I can run 3/10 of a mile without stopping if I'm by my lonesome and sans ipod. But I do this 3/10 thing multiple times each time I set out on a jog. (Sheesh. Brutal honesty makes me feel lame, but I'm just trying to be real with you).  Actually, if I run with Handsome, I think I can go 1/2 mile or 7/10 without stopping. So I should do more of that. Especially since the sweetheart puts up with me and actually invites me to run regularly.

But I want to do more. 

And I'm so not into that whole Couch-to-5K thing that so many bloggers do. I'm sure its a fantastic program, and fitness is more my goal than the thrill of a race (because I'm so. not. competitive), but I just don't want to start from the beginning. And I don't have a watch that counts seconds or minutes so its just not a fit for me now.

But that whole running with Handsome thing is. 

So my plan is to wake up each morning early a couple mornings a week, locate my favorite gear, splash water on Handsome's face and help him find his shoes, and get my little tush outside in the peace and quiet, so I can quickly adjust my stride to the husbands ever-steady gait. And then we can see what happens from there. 

I want to be able to run for a good distance without the necessity of stopping.

I want to push my body to see if the 26 year old version can do the same things the 21 year old version used to do. 

And I'm not ready to drop the bikini's off at good-will, so back to running I go.

And I really hope I can start to like it again.  

I'm here. And I'm still writing, 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I guess I didn't finish that last post very well.

For the record, my belly is not growing! At least, it isn't growing something that could lead to the pitter pattering of little feet. I suppose I didn't make it clear that I was just joking. I really was just wondering if you were still reading! And apparently, at least a couple of you were. I guess my attempt at humor failed and I was just a jerk instead.

Moving on...

to other news... have you tried this? 

 Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin
 Because I made a trip to Target just to get this and they were sold out. I'll have to try the pharmacy next because I'm really intrigued.   Oh and just as a side note I'd like to point out that I didn't buy one single other thing at my favorite store. Talk about self-restraint.

Now, what about this?

 L'oreal Sublime Bronze - Gradual Self Tanning Lotion, 6.7 Oz (1 Pack)
L'oreal Sublime Bronze Sunless tanner... I picked some up the other day and sparingly tried it, but I'm a little nervous to really put much on because I haven't really tried many sunless tanner products so I'm definitely not a pro at the application and I'm just not sure if I'll mess it up. Do you have any experience with this?

Just wondering!

I'm here. And I'm still writing,

Monday, May 17, 2010

About Looking Forward.

So it's over.

I graduated.

We drank and danced. Laughed and came close to tears a few times. I baked and shopped and smiled for photos.

It was a lot of fun. And now the school thing is officially over.

It came and went with ample celebration.

But with very little blogging!

Forgive me? I wrote three posts, and had intended five for my series, but didn't get to the last two.

Thursday through Sunday we had family in town and our days were sort of jam packed with activities, and when we didn't have something scheduled, Handsome and I were still trying to soak up as much family time as possible. And I was just plumb tuckered out.

Anyhow, most of you are probably relieved that I won't be talking about graduation or school any longer since it won't be a big part of my life at least for a while, and "This is Katie" is supposed to be all about my life.

Instead, I'll be talking about exercising, cookin', studying for my field's licensing exam (that I plan to take around the beginning of August), and other fabulous summery activities like church league softball and golfing, and maybe my newly growing belly.


Haha. Just wanted to see if you are still paying attention.

Until then,

I'm here. And I'm still writing,


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Sentiments Exactly.

For a third post in this series, I offer words and ideas of people far more creative than I have been known to be.

Some close family friends have a tradition of giving a classic to their favorite high school graduates. Before my junior year in high school, I had never heard or thought of this book as an appropriate graduation gift, but since think its rather cute! If you're looking for a cute gift for a high school grad, 

Dr. Seuss's Oh the Places You Will Go seems very appropriate!

Oh, the Places You'll Go! Party Edition

It also puts my sentiments about this graduation very well... here is a little teaser!

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own.  And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's For Brunch? Menu and Preparation.

As the second day in a series of posts about my graduation celebrations, I present my plans for the brunch that I plan to offer to our out-of-town guests prior to the ceremony. 

Our guests are not staying in our home, which I am most thankful for, but never the less, I feel like I should make some sort of offering to them as I love food and I would hope they would do the same for me. Actually, because mostly I am just speaking of my Mom and my Milly, I am absolutely certain they would too.

I'm not thinking of anything fancy schmancy, but just want some tasty goods around. And I've really been wanting to make one of these recipes, but need an opportunity to give some away, because there are so many, so this sounds perfect.

The Brunch Menu.

Orange Juice
Simple Sliced Fruits
(strawberries, pears, and apples)
Sliced Cheeses
(american, swiss, and maybe some brillat savarin, because I hear it pairs well with pears)
Breakfast Casserole
I haven't found a recipe just yet, but I'm think sausage, egg, cheese, red bell pepper, and some sort of spice. I have been scouring recipes all over the web, and they all sound greasy instead of light and tasty. I'm going to keep looking, but I'm open to suggestions! Actually, maybe I'll open one of my cookbooks! I'll certainly keep you updated on this and I might even start looking at quiche.
And last, and most certainly not least: 
The PW's Cinnamon Rolls.
They look amazing. And it never hurts to impress the in-laws with your mad baking skills. Of course, I don't have mad baking skills, but I'm really wanting to try these and Handsome said I'm not allowed to make them for just us. Or for any of my single friends. So with families coming, and not just mine, I figure we'll keep a couple of pans, and I'll give a couple to some of my favorite ladies to share with their own 'rents. 

Assuming the dough rises and they turn out ok.

And in preparation for this lovely affair I'm dreaming about in my head, I'm progressively cleaning the house. Today: mopping and vacuuming is on the horizon.

And while I'm working on floors, I might find time for a little pedi too. A day about feet!

Hope you are enjoying yours!


Monday, May 10, 2010

You're Invited!

I wasn't too into my college graduation.  I got my hair done. Bought some new dress pants before the ceremony. Wore a new sweater. And then my parents, and Mr. Ruggedly Handsome, and I went to dinner together following the large University ceremony at my school. I didn't order announcements, didn't have a party, didn't even really think much about a new outfit. It was a nice evening, but it came and went without much fuss.

High school graduation was another story. I basically partied for a year, beginning with my baccalaureate ceremony, continuing on with a graduation party at my high school all night following the ceremony, and then having a party at my parents house the next day. Not too mention going out to movies and reading books, and showing up at my friends parties too. Okay, so that wasn't a year, but it was definitely a full week's worth of celebrations.  And it was so. fun. A few of my favorite memories of my life are from that week and I'm glad we made a big deal out of it. 

So in an effort to relive my life...
 I'm going more with the high school plan (and I'm kidding about the reliving part. I'm just in a mood to celebrate big time).  So I have a number events I have either planned or will attend. For example, I'm meeting my girlfriends for tea later this week. I'm thinking of having a light brunch before the ceremony, and am having a party with close family and friends the evening of the ceremony.

Because I didn't order announcements in enough quantity, or in time,  compensated by ordering super cute party invites from Minted

They had some really cute things to choose from: 

and I absolutely loved this one: 

So I ordered it!

And I'm so happy with the end product. If you haven't ever looked at Minted, I definitely recommend them. (And no, they didn't pay me to say that).  They might seem pricey when you first log on, but I found a good discount code on the web, and when I actually got the invitations, I was completely pleased .


Blogging Friends,
You are invited to celebrate with me all throughout this week as I share in my graduation celebration preparations and activities. I do hope you'll join me. 



Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Don't Even Have Words.

I am not often at loss for words.

But as I have just completed around 21 years of formal education, minus a semester, but counting some summers, I find that I must have used up most of my words there because I can't find the right ones now.

I knew I would be sad in a way.

I knew I would feel free in a way.

And I am a mix of those things. And I can't really explain how or what other emotions I am.

Tired. Excited. Lonely. Thrilled. Relived. Nervous.

mmm. hmm.

(Poor Handsome. He just loves me when I am such a mix of things. And that is when he encourages me to call my mom).

And in the culmination of my schooling, I suppose its only fitting on Mother's Day weekend to also give acknowledgment to one of the most integral parts of my completion: my sweet mom.

Through late night projects, book readings, many a teary phone call, frustrated rant, elated celebration, and one too many paper read-throughs, you have helped me.  I really couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks for everything Mom.


Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's going to be random, so get ready!
Yesterday was my 1/2 birthday! Happy half (now belated) birthday to me! My Ruggedly Handsome Mister remembered the momentous occasion. And that means a LOT because he doesn't believe much in the 1/2 birthday. Today I will get ice cream for myself to celebrate!

We ordered hot sub sandwiches at a pizza place for dinner last night. We waiting thirty-five minutes for our order. And then another ten or so, because they were cold when we got them. Funny! Poor husband was starving. It was all worth it though when Guinness came by and put our names in the books.

The red dress came. I'm not sure that I LOVE it... so I might keep looking. But, I'm going to have to wait until Wednesday evening or Thursday or sometime later because I should study a bunch.

I would appreciate prayers until Wednesday, because I really need to do well on this final I have coming up. Up to a point, how I do on the final will be how I do in the class, even though its only worth 1/2 of our grade. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on the midterm, which is discouraging, but I'm studying more and trying to get it together for the final. I need to focus and work hard and Handsome is not feeling well so I'm also trying to avoid getting sick!

After Wednesday happens, I'll be a happy blogger. I have about one whole weeks worth of good post material stewing in my head. Everything from recipes, to meal planning, to graduation invitations, and workout reviews. I'm suppressing the thoughts in favor of studies.

I'm thinking on these verses for encouragement...

 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1

 “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace.” Acts 20:24

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

For now my task is finishing this test, and thus, finishing school. I need to run this final lap as hard as I can. Off to shower, go to church, and hit the books.

I'm not here. I'll be running this race, but I'll be back soon...