Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A painting for our wall.

Over the weekend, Mr. Rh and I did an art project for our home(apartment). We have one super long wall in our living room without any windows on it and we have been trying to decide what to put there. He had a great idea for us to make something simple and I thought we could use some of the colors that are in our mismatched furniture in our newly-wedded inherited furniture-filled living room. 

And Mr. Rh's friend came over and he even complemented us on it! 

The only camera I have available at the moment is on my computer and the lighting isn't very good, but the above photo is the best I could do for now. If you use your imagination you can fill in the colors: there is a chocolatey brown, a nice khaki , and a greyish-slate blue. 

We love it! 

-I'm here and I'm still writing...

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