Monday, January 12, 2009

School begins again.

Not too much longer and I'll be back to the books.

I've been suffering / recovering from sinusitis (note: probably explains why I didn't do as much "for pleasure and personal growth reading" as I would have liked to this school break).  I'm slightly concerned about the assigned reading I should to do prior to the semester starting. Mr. Rh said if I need his help, he will read aloud to me. What a sweet man! seeing as the material is not always compelling. I realize however that I probably must do it on my own. Partly because I know that the quantity of the material would likely interfere with his day job and I know that my attention span to out-loud reading is something like that of a second grade boy who is waiting for recess, and partly because it is my own burden to bear.

Perhaps I will have completely recovered by then anyway. 

I'm planning to continue writing. I may be somewhat intermittent and unreliable, as there will soon be other writings that will require my attention. But I am hoping to make time for this story world because it is enjoyable and it helps me think. It is funny to write a post that says I'll be writing more posts, but I'm doing it anyway. 

-I'm here and I'm still writing...


Katie said...

Good luck with the school stuff--I'm so sorry about the sinus angst. Ugh. By the way, I LOVE that painting that you guys did!

Megan said...

That is SO sweet of your hubby to say he would read aloud to you!!