Saturday, January 17, 2009

A song for Saturday.

 My Adoration
by the Sonflowerz

This is one of my favorite songs as of right now. It actually has been since summer time and it has led me from any self-centered moments to moments of worship and wonder. The lyrics have refocused my heart and mind to something that is worth thinking about, the Lord and His plan and His love. It also brings me reassurance. I especially like: "Here's my celebration of everything you are, of everything I am in You." 

As a young woman in a beauty-obsessed society, a student in a somewhat competitive graduate school where grades and class placement are continually thought-about and brought up, and as a developing professional, soon to join a profession where ego's run rampant and the competition from school carries into the career world, I need continual reminding that the Lord tells me who I am. I need continual reminding that where I belong is in Him, and in Him is my peace, hope, and worth. 

I hope it reminds you of these things as well and that you too will celebrate your life in Him

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