Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reading List.

Seeing as I am on "winter" break as the school terms it (though it is still Christmas break in my heart), I decided I could try and catch up on some enjoyable reading. On my list:

Crazy Love--my husband's sis-in-law recommended it as she has been reading it recently. (Update: I started. Am enjoying. It is thought-provoking and insightful. Also: It is also something I can read a little at a time and come back too, which is good because there is a lot to digest inside of it.)

The Christmas Sweater--M & D said its a fantastic little story; and one that anyone can't relate to. I read the first two chapters during Thanksgiving... and it was definitely tempting while I was catching up on reading for school before finals. Anyway, it is what I will probably tackle first! (Update: Tackled. Enjoyed. Recommend. And... it won't take you very long). 

Yay! for a holly-day break. Christmas begins on the 25th and will be celebrated until the 6th of January (for Epiphany... when the Church celebrates the Wise Men's arrival to see the baby Jesus.  So even though commercialized America only celebrates tomorrow(the 24th) and the next day(the 25th), I am only beginning the festivities and feeling the joy in my heart!) ...which also probably explains why I, only today, got our Christmas card out! Our first one. :) Hopefully the recipients enjoy them.

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