Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Shoes.

My mom came into town yesterday and we shopped for an hour or two. And I made a purchase! I got something I have been wanting to buy for over a year...

A pair of ballet flats! This is my first pair of ballet flats that are not actually for ballet. I wore them for a long time today and they wore a little on my heel. They are not quite as comfortable as my real ballet shoes were. But I have thought that they are adorable since this trend started (who knows how many years ago--I'm a little slow with shoe trends) and I imagine they are a little bit like toe shoes, in that they just need to be worn in a little. I hardly ever even buy shoes that are closed heel that should be worn without socks, because of this very thing, but I'm going to give it some time and some band-aid. My short pants that turn into high waters when I wear them with my old shoes are appreciative. And I even felt a little bit sophisticated wearing the flats compared to feeling like I'm sixteen when I wear my black chunky Mary-Jane Doc Martens from the nineties!

I feel that I have graduating into a whole new world of shoes. 

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