Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time for refocusing and rest.

I have class commitment issues. And my classmate friends think it is hilarious seeing as they have all been settled on their schedules since we were first able to register around Thanksgiving. They think it is especially funny, because the majority of classmate friends have self-proclaimed relationship commitment issues, which I do not have (but that is a subject for another post possibly sometime), but I have the issues with smaller, non-major things.

For a while I thought I was settled, but (and this happens practically every semester) I started browsing through all of my options and heard others talking about their experiences in certain classes and I started doubting my decisions. And that is when the switching and doubt and confusion began. 

In undergrad, this was never much of a problem. It was actually quite fun! The first week of classes (and maybe even into the second week) I would attend a large sampling of classes before settling on a final schedule. Sometimes I would end up with a schedule very similar to my early registration. Other times, after trying some other classes on, I would end up with a schedule of classes I had not originally planned on. Often times, there would be a mix. Usually I kept classes where I knew good things about the instructor or was interested in the material, but in sampling others, I sometimes happened upon quite a jewel (e.g. Drawing and a Russian history class were two unplanned, but very interesting courses). I even taught my now-husband how to sample, and while he was not always as extreme as me, he too saw some benefit of attending a class on the first day before totally being sold on attending!

But now, this causes many problems! (One of which is that I was awake in the middle of the night thinking about it, tossing and turning, and generally making rest for either Mr. Rh or myself nearly impossible.) But more regularly the problem arises because 1. there are assignments for almost every option available to me, and 2. those assignments are usually in the text required for the course, and 3. it costs money to purchase those texts, and 4. I always write in my books, and 5. one cannot return books for their original purchase value once a book has been written in. Thus, it becomes very important for me to quickly decide on a schedule. And I know I will learn more if I attend every meeting and do the majority of the assigned reading for the classes I am actually taking. 

So I'm awake and writing about it. Instead of posting, I probably ought to refocusing on what is actually important at this point. I ought to be bathing my schedule in prayer and asking for guidance from the Lord. I am in need of wisdom; if I ask, He, Jehovah Jireh, will provide.

I will have peace in my mind and hopefully endurance for this part of the race and Mr. Rh  will have a night of uninterrupted rest!

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