Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Snowboarding Trip.

Mr. Rh left on a snowboarding trip this afternoon. He was accompanied by his eldest brother, a bag full of "warm clothing" (which I'm sad about because I borrow his sweatshirts and his fleece all the time), the board, the boots, and a few snacks (which his brother was supposed to prepare, but I'm guessing that SaRah, his wife made/packed them!... She is more domesticated than I). 

How tragic that he left me! Ahhh!! The agony...the pain. Nooo, no, I'm not really TOO sad because I am NOT a fan of snowboarding. In fact, I haven't done it since high school. I tried to like it for many reasons. And I went often enough to get the hang of it and have a few good days. But now, I would probably make a fool of myself, since it has been at least seven seasons (with continual protest over the last four seasons by the boy, now the Mr.)

In high school most of my friends did it(It being snow sports involving skill and mountains). My parents had never really taken me snow skiing as a child, because my brother and I showed very little interest. But as friends got into it I tried. I though snowboarders (girls) were so cute with their pig tails, beanies, white and teal colored boards, and cute Roxy clothes.  And then, snowboarder boys were cute too! But I've already got me one of those. (The cutest one I ever met.)

I wouldn't say I'm not athletic enough to give it a whirl again (and sometimes I think I'd like to have snow-related activities in common with the boy) but geez, I do not like being cold! Actually, I despise it. And being cold and wet is even more miserable. And being cold, wet, sore in the bum, and continually making a fool of myself self coming off the lift is not my idea of a vacation.  But... I still like the outfits. And I sure wouldn't mind a reason to wear a cute beanie with pig tails at the age of 25. (Or am I too old for that even if I am on a snow-packed, powder-filled mountain? I regress). 

Anyhow, I'll miss the Mr. while he is gone, though I won't wish I were on the Rockies with him. I am however learning to appreciate that we have different interests. That it is wonderful that he still has a great relationship with his older brothers. That time apart (still) makes my little heart pitter patter for him, stronger than when I see him every day and have the opportunity to take advantage of that. And it validates the claim I make about him being "Rugged" to my readers. (Though it doesn't particularly need to be validated and Side Note: As far as the handsome claim, its just my opinion, which will suffice for my purposes here). 

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Kelley and Rhett said...

I hope you have a great weekend with your folks! Tell them I said Hi!