Sunday, January 11, 2009

Used-to-be. Beginning-to-be.

I used to be a swimmer. It was my first love, but I sort of gave that up a while ago because chlorine does some crazy damage to my hair. And now my shoulders crackle like crazy. 

I used to be a runner, but my knee started complaining and eventually I gave in to it for too long... such that I got out of running shape and it is just not as much fun as it used to be.

I used to be a walker, but I sort of gave that up because it was something I did with mi familia and I didn't have a buddy in my new town to walk with. 

I used to pitch a softball with my dad and play a little tennis with my brother. 

I used to be more active. 


I am beginning to be more active again. 

I'm beginning to enjoy activities with my new built-in buddy (otherwise known as Mr. Rh) with whom I can play tennis, golf, and maybe even racquetball. He even bought a youth football for me to throw with him.

I'm beginning to walk again. 

I'm beginning to ease into running again too (interspersed with the walking and with a patient companion). I'm going to get to that point where most runs just feel good. So good that I just need the run, like I need oxygen and breakfast. 

And I may even return to my old love, because I'm beginning to accept my wavy-ish, messy-ish hair for what it is(OK, maybe not yet, but I'm trying). So chlorine and regular wetness (requiring more routine straightening or sometimes wearing the wave) will not stop me. My vanity will give way to something better, something truer and longer lasting: the tranquility and rush one feels when she is totally surrounded by water, with nothing in the way of her thoughts or in the way of her dreams, except the occasional flip-turn or the occasional lapse of counting laps. 

I'm beginning to be myself again.

-I'm here and I'm still writing...

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