Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Variations on a Theme: Fitness.

So I know I wrote recently and said I was all about getting up early and going running (so I could force myself back into running)... but things haven't quite worked out that way.  Now, I have been actively doing things, but it just hasn't been the jogging lately.

Let me give you a workout re-cap from the week:

last Saturday: I went for a walk. I thought I would go for a jog, but when the opportunity presented itself, I wasn't quite correctly attired for the jog, so the walk had to do.

last Sunday: golfed nine holes with hubby and with the new walking golf bag! It was fun and I actually got tired around hole six and sat, umm walked? that one out. Meaning I didn't hit my ball that hole and just followed Handsome around while he chased his.

Monday: went for a bit of a bike ride.

Tuesday: went for another bit of a bike ride. My legs were sore at this point so I didn't go that far, but still got myself out and about.

Wednesday: returned to Jillian. I did the Shred Level 1 with my heavier hand weights. It was great! Actually, it was terrible, but I felt good to have done that after I finished.

Thursday: I took the day off. My arms were sore from the Shred and

Friday: Umm, oops! Friday got away from me. I didn't intentionally not work-out, but the only real physical activity I got was walking from my car into and out of my Uncle's office building and from my car into and out of the school, and from Handsome's truck into and out of and around a lunch venue, a softball complex and an athletics goods store.

Saturday: Handsome and I headed out for another bike ride. This time we hit one of the trails in our area and rode for about an hour. 

I've really enjoyed the variety because nothing was super easy, but I still felt like many muscles were used and actually, I feel like my clothes are fitting a little better already.

I still want to run and want to get back into decent running shape, but more so, I'd just like to feel fit and active. And able to go for a ride with my dad or golfing with my man when the opportunity presents itself.

Here's to nice weather and plenty of opportunities to get and stay fit!

I'm here. And I'm still writing,



Kelley said...

strong work my friend! keep it up!

Annie said...

you have been staying busy and being quite active hun! good for you! :)
i want a bike! a bike ride sounds fun!!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I totally agree. You sound SUPER busy! I'm so excited for all your activities! I too "have a plan" that I'm not really following. As long as I do SOMETHING active. Of course I would prefer to do something active AND a real workout... ya know! Like an added boost to get my butt smaller.