Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Limited (Technically).

I'm in the middle of trying to read reviews and sort through information about a certain technological device that we are thinking about getting.

But I am just not that into it.

I lack the patience. I lack the required interest and thus, I get bored. 

I can't quite determine what information is reliable. 

Or what information is actually important and necessary in making the decision. 
I'd rather just buy what looks good and see if I like it. I figure, when using it I probably won't know enough about it to determine if don't like it anyway, so what difference does it make.
A television is a television is a television. If I can find the Food Network or HGTV, I'll be okay. I don't need to be able to play my ipod on it or have it record a lot of shows.
A camera is a camera is a camera, especially with my lack of picture skills. If it documents the occasion, but comes nowhere close to being accepted by National Geographic, it will be good enough for me.

A cell phone is a cell phone is a cell phone. If I can get ahold of my Mom, send texts to my Dad, pic messages to my husband, and get by without charging it every night, I'll be happy. 
Oh, I guess I'd like to have service along most highways, just in case I have a reason to call AAA. 

A computer is a computer is a computer. Ha, not quite. A Mac is a Mac is a Mac. If I can access a text editing program, store and organize a few non-National Geographic-worthy photos and read my email, I'll be okay.
I know this makes me less domesticated, money-savvy, and technologically advanced than many of others, but its my natural state of mind and sometimes, our abilities only stretch so far.

Reading and comparing reviews when acquiring techonological devices is not in my skill set. 

And I'm totally fine with this limitation.

I'm here. And I'm still writing,



Q, La, and Gooner said...

I totally understand. At times it just gets to be too much! Husby wanted matching phones so I ended up with this high tech phone that is intense. It probably has so much more capabilities than I even use and we keep getting charged for things that I apparently do but don't realize it. Come on!!! I let Q do the looking since he enjoys it so much!

Charbelle said...

LOL I don't like having to read reviews either, I rarely purchase highly technological stuff and if I have to, I call my little brother. He has a masters in engineering, he has a job that I can't begin to explain, he can tell me what I need to know!!

Juliana said...

You need to contact the companies and see what they will give you for FREE to review that will help you make your decision!!!

Annie said...

i dont like reading all the reviews either although on bigger purchases i usually do. blah.

Kelley said...

I drive myself crazy trying to figure out the "right" product!