Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Big Surprise! (or Reveal I suppose).

Take a look at my new blog design!

  After endless hours of searching about how to do a design on my own, how to this and how to that, I decided it could be an "early-half-birthday-present-to-myself." (Handsome says: 1. People don't give themselves presents--to which I say I must be the first woman you have met-, He continues: 2. People don't celebrate half birthdays!--to which I say, welcome to my family--and He finishes with 3. At our age, people don't get birthday presents--to which I say, I am not that old and even if I were, I will be getting birthday presents for the rest of my life-- But I digress.) The amount of time I was researching new designs was beginning to infringe on my abilities to do good school work... so I decided to go with a professional. 

And I'm quite happy with it. 

Hilary, at Simply Yours Designs, was fabulous to work with, so I highly recommend her to you. 


Kelley and Rhett said...


jane in the waiting line said...

the new blog design is fabulous!!

Brittney Galloway said...

Oh it's wonderful!!! I love it! I've always wanted to get my blog professionally designed, but am too cheap to fork over the money!

Callie Nicole said...

Love the new look for your blog!