Friday, March 6, 2009

A Fabulous Find Friday.

I may do this on occassional Friday's, or I might do a Materialist Possession Monday, every now and then... I don't think I'll turn it into a weekly thing, because I don't want the pressure of it (cuts off the creative juices) ... and I want to keep you on your toes!

And I know I (semi)-recently posted another ring that I thought was fabulous, but I am going to do it again! Most days I wear two bands on my left ring finger (wedding and engagemet), a cross ring on my left thumb, a watch on my left wrist, and I leaves my right side totally naked. (Gasp!, I know.) So sometimes my mind starts wandering about what I could use or buy to decorate the other side. And about that same time that I start clicking around on James Avery

This week's is lovely and I think it would be quite fun for spring...
Disclaimer: I don't really, really want these things, but I think they are fun to look at. And that is why I share them with you dear reader. 


ShowSomeLovin said...

that's perfect for spring!!! super cute :)

Q. and La. said...

Before I was married I used to wear rings ALL THE TIME, now I just wear the tried and true important ones.

I do have 2 toe rings WHICH I LOVE!