Friday, March 13, 2009

Chicken Soup for a Not-Feeling-Very-Well-Physically Body and Soul.

Handsome was sick earlier in the week. Poor boy. He doesn't get sick often, so when he does, it usually hits him pretty hard. One night I decided he probably needed some chicken soup, because he was feeling well enough to eat something, but most things didn't sound too good to him. My mom's chicken soup always makes me feel better, whether I'm recovering from a stomach virus, a head cold, or some sort of emotional hurt. So that (with some variation) is what I made him. 

I used Swanson's broth, because I definitely didn't think about it early enough in the day to make my own. I also bought a few ready-to-go items, so that my prep time would be shorter and so Handsome would have something in his precious tummy sooner. (Did I mention that earlier in the day I forced him to finish my mint Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen, which wasnot a good I definitely had some making-up to do, and I needed to do it quickly). 

Here is a general recipe of what I did, in case you don't have basic (use ingredients mostly ready at the store) Chicken Soup recipe.

You need:
Chicken. I shredded a few legs and the breast of one Rotisserie chicken. (I really liked the taste / texture of it shredded.)
Cut up one half of one white onion.
Cut up six stocks of celery. 
Cut up about one small bag of baby carrots.
3/4 of one bag of wide egg noodles. 
2 boxes, and 2 cans of chicken broth. 
2 regular potatoes, cut into bite size pieces.

I essentially just poured it all together and let it cook for maybe an hour-ish before we sat down to eat. The carrots were not as soft as I would have liked, but by the next day (I let it cook for a while after we had dinner)...they were doing well. We have plenty of leftovers. (So much, actually, that I might invite you over. Oh, except our house doesn't fit a lot of people. And that would probably require a plane flight and a little more notice anyway). I froze about 1/2 and we have been eating the others for dinner. This recipe is good for the budget! 

Anyway... I was proud of myself. I know it is not the fanciest or most difficult soup, but it hit the spot for these two lovebirds on a cold, and a little bit sick, week. 

Here are pictures: (I had to take them myself, and I don't know much about lighting at this point... so they would have probably looked a little nicer had Handsome been the camera operator and feeling better...but you still get the idea.)

So, if its cold at your house, and your up for a relaxing night in, I hope you will be inspired. And I would add green beans the next time I cooked it, but I didn't think to do so that 

Have a great weekend!


Callie Nicole said...

The soup looks delicious! Definitely hearty too!

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Kelley and Rhett said...

yes ma;am i will be cooking this soon!

Kelley and Rhett said...

BTW I gave you an award!