Thursday, December 31, 2009

What A Decade!

The other day I noticed that on the internet there was some article titled "Best One Hit Wonder of the Decade." And then I noticed the news doing stories like "Top 10 stories of the Decade" and both times I thought to myself how silly it was that they were doing decade things in 09, when we still had another year in the decade.

So I went to bed one night several weeks ago. I woke up, sat straight up and realized: BAM! We actually are about to finish a full decade because they run from the 0 year through the 9 year. (I know what you are thinking, but please don't judge me for my ditzy moments). Anyway, upon that realization, a LOT of changes have happened in my life in the decade 00-09. So I mentally started writing a list, and now I am going to share it with you!

  1. I went to my first of three formal dances; all three of which have occurred in this decade.
  2. I graduated from high school.
  3. I flew on my first alone trip. And then I flew to Washington, D.C. twice. (And to Texas, and Atlanta).
  4. I started taking my car alone on out of town trips.
  5. I moved away from home to go to college.
  6. I moved colleges.
  7. I eventually graduated from college.
  8. I met, became friends with, started dating, and fell in love with my now husband. (And not necessarily completely in that order... ;)!)
  9. I married my husband.
  10. I started running and ran regularly some of the years.
  11. I started blogging! (Ha!)
  12. I have moved (living locations, not ALL belongings) around fourteen times. (Which is phenomenal when you consider that I had really only moved once in my entire life before that and that happened when I was too young to remember).
  13. I started grad school.
  14. I got my first cat. (Well, he moved in at my parents house).
  15. I got my first cavity! (Tragedy, I know).
  16. I have been a bridesmaid in four weddings and a candle lighter in one.
  17. I have colored or highlighted my hair about six times.
  18. I chopped my hair off to my shoulders in 04 and have been growing it back for the past five years. It is only now getting longer than it was when I chopped it.
  19. I worked in about five different places.
  20. I quit a job without two weeks notice (for the first, and hopefully last, time).
  21. I sewed a fairly large quilt for my husband's graduation (though he was my finace and not husband at the time).
  22. I met or became close friends with three of the lovely women that were bridesmaids at my wedding.
  23. I started cooking some. (Emphasis on some... right Handsome?)
  24. I lost two of the most influential people in my life, my mom's parents.
  25. I had my first glass of alcohol at the Olive Garden with a good friend. We ordered the Sangria.

So happy Past Decade to you! And happy New Year, too!
I was here this year. And I'll be here next year too...



Juliana said...

I am loving all these recaps everyone is writing. SOOOO exciting that it will be a NEW DECADE tomorrow!!!

Callie Nicole said...

Wow, alot of changes in the decade! But good changes! :-)