Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, Now, Would You Look at These?

Oh would you look at these?

1. A pretty black bracelet:

2. A pearl and something necklace with ribbon?

3. A black "tear-drop" necklace with ribbon?

These are all pretty's from j.Crew. You see, I have this gift card that I must use in the next fifteen-ish days or it will expire and I'm just not sure what to use it on. I feel like maybe one of these pretty jewels would be a fun expenditure, but I just can't decide.

I like the bracelet very much, but I'm not sure how often I would wear it!

I think the pearls are so pretty and I would probably wear them often because I love pearls. And I haven't been wearing the pearl necklace I own that I wore to my wedding, since the wedding, because I kind of think of it as wedding jewelry now. And... that one didn't have ribbon, and I kind of like this ribbon-y trend that is happening.

But I also wonder if perhaps a fancy black necklace would be the best choice? You see, I have black jewelry, but its either very casual or fake-fancy, so maybe at the age of 26 I need something a little nicer to couple with the little black dress look.

Oh decisions. Decisions.

So... you tell me, would you choose number one, two, or three? (or maybe something else from the j.crew website? Nothing to extravagantly priced, please.)

I'm here. And I can't wait to read what you are writing,


Brittney Galloway said...

I really like #3! It looks like you would/could use that the most often!

Kelley said...

I like #2...it just makes me think of you!

Kelley said...

well i like them all....i know that doesn't help!

Jamie said...

I like the second one. So pretty!