Saturday, December 12, 2009

To Host. Or Not To Host.

For a little while now, I have been pondering the idea of having a nice little Christmas and holiday shindig at our home. It would a reason to turn on my inner Paula Dean and make a number of holiday recipes I have been wanting to make. It would be a justification for getting all dolled up, something I enjoy but rarely do. (And not having to go outside to brave the cold while being dolled up would be even better!) It would be an excuse to get together with friends, who do not necessarily all know one another, but who Handsome and I really enjoy knowing. It would with the purpose of celebrating the gift the Lord has given us this year, and maybe sharing a bit of joy with those around us.

I briefly discussed the idea with my man.

He sees a bit of a problem with my idea. You see, we have this lovely little home. And by little home, I mean we have a small apartment with a funny layout that is decorated with all of our belongings. We like it. Its cozy. But its not really an "entertaining" set-up. We're one-income, one-student newlyweds remember!

My argument is that we could have a little late afternoon open house-ish party and that way no one will likely stay very long, so hopefully it would not get too crowded, but even if it did, it could be merry and joyful and with some good food, good people, and various spirits, people would still have a good time.

But I think he thinks that is lame or something, because he made a comment to the point that "If we are going to throw a party, we are going to do it right. And he didn't really want people tramping through the master bedroom area, that does not have a door but is open to his office area which is open to the dining room which is really just an extension of the kitchen (and by open I mean basically all one room, but we have curtains separating the office area from our chest of drawers, armoir and bed).

So I understand his point, butI don't know when we will have a larger place of our own, or if we will even have friends when we do because we could be in an entirely new city altogether.

And I still kind of want an excuse to bake and prepare and decorate and doll-up. And I have been wanting to throw a Christmas party since c. 2007 when I had a lovely roommate with a great house, but for some reason we did not throw a party. And... I won't make anyone participate in any of the traditional holiday party games because I definitely don't want to try and fit any White Elephants into our already small space.

So my question for you is, should we host or should we wait until we have a larger space?

Just imagine. Red Velvet cupcakes. Pumpkin Cream Cookies. Warm Wassail. Bing Crosby and Rudolf. A wooden nutcracker and lots of laughter...

And if you're worried that there is really only one more weekend before Christmas, I already determined that we could send email invites! I've never done it, but I don't think there is anything to it.


Callie Nicole said...

Naw, host! That's what I say. We had a Post- Christmas party last year at our house, and we don't have too much space - the basement isn't finished, so we just have the upper floor. We had to squeeze some extra chairs in the living room, but e still had a good time! Two years is so long to wait for a party - but your hubby does have to be on board. But go for it! That's what I say.

Kelley said...

I say do it! It's so much fun to host (tiring but fun)!

Tell Jon to stop being a fuddy-duddy ;)

1 week!

Kristin said...

I say host. Why let the size of your place deter you. We have a fairly small home and packed in about 50 people at our Christmas party last year!