Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Plea For My Wrapping Frenzy.

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I'll begin by saying hesitantly admitting that I am a procrastinator. And while I sometimes have these grand ideas for gift-giving and decorating and baking and making my man delicious meals, often times other things will occur in my life or I'll have some spontaneous moment of inspiration for something else, and my "plans" do not happen as I might like.

Which brings me to gift wrapping.

You see, I like to shop with the last minute crowds. Even if I have a plan for what I am going to buy, I feel especially joyful and inspired if I shop in the hustle and bustle that is ten, nine, umm, one day before Christmas! This year I have started earlier than in the past six or so, because I actually finished finals on a very decent date and not like the 20th of December as I was last year.

Anyway, this last minute shopping usually means, actually it has to mean, that I'm always doing last minute gift wrapping too! And while there can be some joy in that, it usually means I don't wrap as I might like or would have envisioned!

So this year, (for this one area of my life that I have dealt with by procrastination in years before), I am resolved to do better! And I plan on beginning to wrap today. I have read about people having these wonderful wrapping fests and I am eager to try it. So as soon as I am adequately dressed today, I'm setting out in search of a few good rolls of wrapping paper and a few bows and some ribbon (because I LOVE ribbon) and I am set to wrap at least some of the gifts I have purchased. And hopefully they will look BEa-Utiful and my gift recipients will feel so special when they open the gifts designated for them under the tree. I'll turn on the music, get the band-aids ready for the paper cuts that will likely ensue, and I get my tape and hot tea beside!

Now, because I have often been a last minute wrapper, sometimes I wrap everything together or throw a lot into one big bag, but I'm determined to do better than this and I'm going to wrap and wrap.

My question is: do you have any tips for creative or extra special wrapping? Or even tips on how to make the wrapping look like Martha came and wrapped my presents instead of little miss-(somewhat) undomesticated me?




Brittney Galloway said...

Curling ribbon! It's cheap, and you can do a ton of different ribbon jobs with it! also, make sure you crease every single angle, that's what makes the gifts look wrapped better!

Callie Nicole said...

I agree - ribbons, ribbons, ribbons! They make every gift look prettier.