Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Few Awards.

I'm a terrible award-recipient. It has been some time quite a while, since I received a few awards and I am just now posting about them! Gosh, I'm sorry. Can you imagine if this was an award show and

In spite of my lack of posting regarding these matters, I am thankful to those of you who took the time to grant them to me.

So without further ado... (actually there is further ado throughout but its mostly content. Promise.)

The Fabulous Sugary Doll Blogger Award was awarded to me by both the super sweet Callie Nicole at Through Clouded Glass and the darling Kristen at A Journey Through the Waiting Game.

The Rules are to List 10 Things About Myself that my fabulous readers may not know!

1. I usually drink a tall non-fat, no foam latte when I order at Starbucks. I once heard someone say that anyone who drinks non-fat (plain) latte's is quite boring, but I don't think I am boring at all. The funny thing is though that every time I go to Starbucks, morning, noon, night, 90 degree weather or 30 degree weather, I have the same conversation with myself about whether I will be ordering the latte or if I'll get an iced tea. I usually try to talk myself into the latte, because its warm and one of the few warm drinks I actually like. I usually like very icey drinks so the tea isalways appealing.

2. Every. time I type the word "latte" I feel like the "L" should be capitalized, whether it is in the middle of a sentence or not.

3. Speaking of warm drinks that I actually like, I am a big fan of berry teas!

4. Speaking of berry teas: I had the very best berry tea while I was getting my hair done the other day. I need to find out what kind it was and let you know about it.

5. Lately, I have been sleeping with two pair of socks every night. I asked my darling husband for wool socks for Christmas. The other night, I hadn't done laundry in some time. And using two pair of socks each night means I run out of socks about 33 % faster than I do only wearing one pair each day. I was digging around in his drawers for some long socks to get me through the night and I asked him where his socks were. He took me by the hands and started leading me out of the room. I thought he was taking me to the washing machine to help me start a load, but he gifted me some wool socks right then and there! I was warmed to say the least.

6. And thinking of my darling husband, I realize I still haven't ordered my wedding album. We have some prints up in our house, but I've been a slacker about that. Please don't tell him. He doesn't procrastinate about anything that I am aware of (oh, except making dentist appointments. Or was that me too honey?)

7. He says he is going to start a blog about the truth about my blog. So that he can let you know if I actually make him a delicious meal when I say I'm thinking about it and so he can defend himself when

8. When I write papers for school, I still listen to Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls.

9. Speaking of Matchbox 20, I really like Rob Thomas, but don't actually OWN many of his cds.

10. Actually, I barely own any cd's at all (unless we count the Mr.'s as mine now since we got married). This is because I like the radio a WHOLE lot more than I like cd's. I like the chatting, the commercials, the variety. But I do have at least a slight case of radio ADD.

I'm passing this on to the following 3 bloggers...

1. Kris, at The Norman Adventures

2. Katie, at The Mathis'

3. Mindy, at [M]^2

And then the delightful Laura at Prone to Wander presented me with The Happy 101 Blogger Award! For this award I am supposed to tell you about 10 things that make me "do the happy dance." BTW: My happy dance, is usually something more like clapping and laughing, just so you have a nice visual before we begin!

1. Just to bring some continuity to this part from the last part... That bit about radio ADD? Something that makes me sing for joy is when I am changing between stations and I can sing every song that comes on each channel. This hasn't happened in a while, but every now and then it occurs and I dance a little while driving.

2. Comments on my blog! Really, who doesn't do a happy dance when they see that others have taken the time to respond to a post?

3. The tricks and "arooohs" my parents little dog Gus does for treats when he is in the house. I think I have posted about him before, but here is a little visual.

You are dancing too huh?

4. Chatting with old friends: by text, or phone, or email messages, or notes in the mail.

5. Finding the perfect present. (And this past week, wrapping it and tying it with a pretty bow).

6. Cute Names for "Things." E.g. The Nail Polish I am wearing on my fingers is from O.P.I.'s holiday line (or whatever) and is called "Meet and Jingle." I thought that was cute. And the color is pretty. (And a side story: I don't really ever wear nail polish on my fingers because I have short nail beds and I think I look like I have little girl hands when my nails are painted a "color" by I was dancing when I saw this color (and my toes are obviously covered) so I went for it anyway).

7. Starting a new book. Love cracking open the spine for the first time. Meeting some characters (or perhaps the author) and getting totally enveloped for a period of hours or days or weeks in another time and place.

8. Okay, maybe I should have included this when I said something about Gus, but animals (and babies) generally make me so so happy. I love their funny mannerisms. The funny movements. The noises. The friendships. I like watching animals (even on television) that are making friends with other animals, like that video I posted about the elephant. And there is almost nothing better than making a baby smile.

9. Finishing the last item on a to-do list! I don't have a to-do list every day. And even when I am in the habit (usually of necessity) of making one such list, I don't often finish it before I add new things. So more often its kind of a running list... But there is so much satisfaction from crossing off (and tossing out) a finished list.

10. Doing something or more usually saying something that makes my husband laugh, because I really like it when he smiles. That is because he has the best dimples of anyone on the planet. (I'm not a "betting" kind-of woman, but I'll totally put money on this). And they really only appear when he is laughing or when he is up to something and knows I'm on to him.

Ok, for this award, I'm going to pass it to 2 bloggers, because I have just really been enjoying reading their blogs.

1. Kelly, at The Girl in the Blue Glasses

2. Mrs. Lukie, at Sarah Says...

I'm here. And I'm still writing...


Kris Norman said...

Thank you! I will do it right away :)

Mindy said...

Aw thank you!!! :)

I LOVE berry tea too! My favorite is Iced Blueberry Pomegranate from this restaurant in my town. YUM!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

VERY interesting! I LOVE berry teas iced, hot.. not so much.

katie + bret said...

Well aren't you just a doll?! Thank you for the award love! What a fun thing to come back and find after being gone for a week! xx