Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stuck. Studying.

Ah yes. Time for another post. I missed yesterday's, so I'm revising my goal a bit and saying I plan to post 31 times during December, but not necessarily once per day.

Anyhow, I enjoyed celebrating my mom's birthday and I'm back on the wagon for studying. I didn't realize the amount of studying I had to do, since I only have ONE final, but turns out, that its going to be a study-full four days. And I'm going to make the most of it, because I know I will miss these cold day study sessions after I graduate.

And I have had ample opportunity to do so, seeing as this funny little {ahem, enormous} {I have see others using these and like it and never remember the strike out formula so here goes...} right, WINTER storm that forced me to stay put at my parents home for a few days until the roads and wind and snow clear and  I can take my self home to my husband. 

I have certainly missed him. But being at the parents house where there is endless supply of tasty food, and a not too far Starbucks, two computers, and dog that keeps me company while others (Mom, Dad, and Brother) are out, has been very relaxing and peaceful and hopefully, productive. And I think the Mr. enjoyed having uninterrupted male-bonding and football watching time with his friend last night, especially seeing as this wife hasn't been too into football info or stats in the last week or two {or ever really ;), but she has not tuned in to ESPN and she is just a little over it for the season... especially since neither his or her team (college, that is) will be winning any national championships this year.

But speaking of productive. Just want you to know I don't have to speak of the paper anymore. For a good reason. Praise the Lord!

So back to my typing and reading... 

Until next time.

I was here. And I was writing a little,



Q, La, and Gooner said...

Yay for being snowed in at Mom and Dad's! The endless supply of food is always awesome!

Kelley said...


strike formula is

< s > text here < / s >

Kelley said...

but no spaces between everything!

Callie Nicole said...

Your parent's house sounds cozy, and with a storm outside it sounds like you should be able to get alot of studying/relaxing done! But I hope you can get home to your hubby soon!