Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... Freedom!

Well hello there!

I hope you have not forgotten about me in my absence. I hopefully won't have any more absences soon, because I have a lot to catch you up and I'm filled to the brim with ideas about blog posts.

But first I need to share something...
I turned in my big paper!! (oh you thought I was going to say we are expecting huh! Gotcha!! We are not expecting anything other than a signature on my paper!) You know the one, the one I keep mentioning and blabbing about and wrestling with. I think what I turned in was totally and completely solid. So... hopefully~maybe~possibly it will be signed off and then I really will be sooooo very much closer to graduating.

(Eeeeck. The idea of graduating is terrifying and thrilling wrapped into one!)

Anyway, I have been working on this silly paper since oh, around this time last year casually, and more seriously since April, and very intentionally since September. For the final stretch, I got much assistance from my mom, who read through several drafts and called me to make edits over the telephone. And I totally wrecked and dominated our little home in the process because I just sat on the couch for three days (Monday through Wednesday of last week), getting up only to bake cookies, eat several times, go to a couple classes, and to move to the bed for sleep. (Don't worry: I showered and took my eyes off the computer screen at regular intervals too).

Mr. Ruggedly was so wonderful keeping himself busy, helping me by picking up a pizza and a latte, and staying quiet so I could dominate the living room and make a permanent tush impression in our couch. And it was all worth it because I finished my paper at around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. I didn't have to ask for an extension and we were able to head to our hometown for Thanksgiving before it was too late in the night or Thanksgiving Day. Now, I wasn't that great of company for our little road trip, but I'm returning to normal now. And so is our couch. Thankfully, it was not a permanent indentation.

So at the home of KB and Mr. Rh, we are winding down very quickly to the end of the semester.

I turned in another smaller paper today.

By the end of Thursday, I will hopefully have completed one more paper, given one presentation, and attended five classes. And I will take one final the following week on Friday. And by Thursday, I will hopefully have posted 3 more blog posts, too!

Yes, that is a new goal: to post once a day each day for the month of December. And not a bunch of posts about school!

Oh, we are going to have sooo much fun together, just you wait and see.

I'm here. And I'm back to (this kind of) writing...


Justine said...

I bet you feel relieved!! :)

Brittney Galloway said...

Oh yay! For your sake, I can't wait until that whole paper business is said and done!

Kelley said...

dearest friend, I'm glad that you are one step closer to having your sanity and life back! I have missed your posts and can't wait to see what's in store!

AND I can't wait to SEE you!

Callie Nicole said...

Yay! I'm glad things are winding down with all that school work!