Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Collection...

of my very random thoughts at 10:25 at night after a day of attempting to comprehend material for my next exams. 

1. I don't  usually  ever like variations on an original. Like today, I saw PB Twix and couldn't bring myself to try it. It just seems wrong to me. And this is a big deal, because  I have a serious life-long love of Peanut Butter... like I ate a PB sandwich every single day of  elementary school and never got sick of it kind of LOVE, and I am a real big fan of Twix since middle school when I had one at least once a week every other day during lunch... so you would think that I would like a pairing of the two. But gosh, I'm so frightened to try it because I think I will be let down.

2. Handsome is in the other room and I just heard GUN SHOTS. But PLEASE: Don't be Alarmed! They are coming from the TV. He is watching a movie that I could be watching with him, except I was studying when he started it and it would be wrong on so many levels to join in now. And honestly, after the violence I just heard, I doubt I would want to. 

3. I'm pumped to be trying out strikethrough! Thanks Kelley. And my mom will be pumped that I learn how because she likes it when other people use it! She actually inspired me to branch out and learn how after I heard her talk about it. (Please be patient with me! And I'll try to not overuse it as I totally overuse other things.... ahem... oh yeah, sorry about that.)  

4. I think I might want to run a 5K sometime this summer. Crazy that I'm admitting this somewhere, because I have wanted to do it for a while, but always get nervous, because I definitely can't run  3 straight miles or any miles period for that matter. Crooked, straight, uphill, downhill with roller blades, ok, I could do that because it is not running, oh wait! except for the part where I would start going really really fast if I was going downhill on roller blades... oops, was gonna work on the ellipses... now I'm totally off of whatever track I am on. Maybe I could run a mile if I was being chased, but even then I think I'd take my chances with a left hook over causing my lungs to collapse.

5. It is sooooo warm in my house. And if I think that, it means its probably 90 degrees in here because I'm cold-blooded. No, I don't mean cold hearted. I mean, this winter when I would go to bed I would usually be wearing sweat pants, shirt and sweatshirt, beanie, long socks with short socks over them to keep them from getting loose and because my toes being cold would keep me up at night, and  I would crawl under the covers which included: sheet, duvet over light down comforter, fleece blanket, microsuede(?) blanket, and some other hairy USC blanket my Husband owns. So... I actually mean the house is HOT when I say that. Whereas Handsome only had 3 of all of the above mentioned items most night and he would still wake up saying it was hot!

5b. Thank the Lord for the plumber though, who is coming after a few short nights and longer days(because I need the hours to study) to turn on the swamp cooler. Oh joy that fills my soul!

6. I never know what color to post my text in. I like the dark grey, but usually go with the black for some reason unbeknownst to me, or anyone else.

7. I need to figure out WHERE to take my eight hour take home exam. Have I already mentioned it? I'm seriously dreading the thing.  For multiple reasons. But what is funny is that I chose this class knowing I would have 2 eight hour take home exams before completing it, and I took it anyway! (I didn't totally understand the dread and pain and misery that is an eight hour take home until I experienced around the same time I started blogging last December). Anyway, I chose the class because the professor is a rock star. And I don't mean he is super cool, I mean he was actually a rock star in a rock band in his younger years. LOL. Just kidding. I mean he is a rockstar, superstar, practicing in this area for 30+ years, expert in the field. And boy have I been challenged!, but I definitely feel like I have a more solid foundation than I would have had I opted for either of the other two options I had. 

8. That is ENOUGH talk about school and exams. 
Self: "But KB, you should be thinking about exams constantly right now!"
KB: "What's that self? It's not your half birthday anymore, so please back off. No one wants to listen to you"
Self: "No? Isn't that what this whole post has basically been about? My thoughts being expressed to you and others..."
KB: "Please restrain your self Self. The other bloggers, the ones who actually read your blog are tired of this conversation we seem to be having regularly, not too mention they are tired of hearing about "The Draft" and all of your "dreaded exams!"

I think this is going downhill fast, so with that note, I'll try to find better material than exams and The Draft for the next couple of weeks, but no guarantees. And if you stop reading my blog I'll be hurt. And you'll hear about it. Well, I guess I could only actually make a few of you hear about it, since I only write to some of you. 

P.S. (number 9?) This is my totally unfiltered brain coming at you in blog post form. I may totally regret posting this  tomorrow in a few weeks, when I'm finished thinking about I've aced this round of exams and my paper is signed off on! 

P.P.S. I wish I had that copy of the illustrated Elements of Style by Strunk and White for some good night time reading material and I did not spend at least half an hour looking at word definitions at any point during the day today!

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Jonathan said...

Those gun shots in that movie were intense, they were twice as loud as the rest of the movie, and the only violent part in the whole movie, so I didn't see it coming. I was wondering if you heard those in the other room. Have a great day honey.