Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Deep.

So I finally returned to my draft, after some five weeks of avoiding it. It must be turned in again by 5:00p.m. Monday the 18th. I however, would like to be free of it on Friday the 15th, so as to have a few days to myself before my summer clinic program begins on Wednesday the 20th. 

I hadn't read all the way through the comments the professor gave me, so when I started this morning I knew it could be rough. I knew the paper was at least a little rough. But once I started going through the comments, I thought it might be attackable and started feeling better.

Beginning to do some "fill-in-the-gaps" research has made me think otherwise. I still don't have a thesis, bummer, and my understanding of the complex subject matter is still thin. I keep reading and the more I read the more I realize I'm in deep in a number of ways (which is the slightest bit funny, because my paper has to do with water quality). 

I think Handsome told me that he doesn't really enjoy my updates about the draft and school happenings, but I couldn't help myself today. He may know what is going on in my academic life, but my other readers don't really. Therefore, I'm going to write about it a little when I want to and I hope that it doesn't bore you all to tears. 

The paper itself bores me to tears at moments, and also just causes my emotions to feel like they are on a roller coaster, because I'm not sure if I should feel overwhelmed, exhausted, excited, or nervous. Or some other emotion that I can't think of at the moment. 

I have a lot left to do on it, which makes me think I'll turn in a draft addressing the professors concerns, hopefully by Friday. (I need a few days to myself). And then I will fully anticipate having to do at least one more draft before he will approve it to satisfy my writing requirement for this funny degree I'm working on. I think this is a better strategy for survival and thrive-al (oh, that is not a word, hmmm, get the idea anyway?)...  than trying to fix all of the dang issues I know it has, and that keep coming up as my research continues and understanding still develops. 

Think that is an okay way to go about it? It means for sure more work in the summer, but probably more directed work than I will be doing if I try to totally fix it by Monday. 

Anyway, I think some Baskin Robbins or dinner out or probably jogging (though I would like to be shredding with the rest of you) will band-aid the stress. And taking this thing one day at a time... (like everything else) is probably a better long term goal. 


Kelley said...

you will make it throught the next few days! call me if you need to vent!

Laura said...

This does NOT sound like fun. BUT Gooner's due date is the 18th so we might BOTH have a painful weekend...