Friday, May 1, 2009


happy half birthday self! 

KB: "Self, go get yourself a birthday cake remix ice cream from Cold Stone."

Self: "Well KB, what a wondeful idea. You must convince Handsome, too, though and he is awfully comfy sitting on the couch watching the Golf channel."

KB: "Oh, self, he loves your half birthday and will be thrilled to go. It won't even matter that you already had a sopaipilla with honey."

Self: "You're right. He does love my half birthday. Perhaps I will coax him off of the couch and into the ice cream store. Maybe not for the birthday cake remix, but maybe for splitting a chocolate / cookies 'n' cream milkshake." 

KB: "Happy half birthday. Have a wonderful time celebrating."

Self: "Thank you, I love a reason to celebrate!"


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