Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trying to Keep My Head Up.

Thank you for your kind words relating to my post about not feeling like a great blogger. I'm going to try and keep chugging along, and hope that I don't bore anyone, and that at points I may be encouraging.

My finals begin on Monday! Wahoo. Right now it is the middle of the night, and while I was tired when Handsome and I laid down, I definitely had a lot on my mind so I am up again.

Thankfully, after I take the first exam I'll only have one more to show up for, one long take-home, and one quick internet test. Shouldn't be too bad at all, but I will say I dread getting in there and getting my feet wet and muddy! Once the exams have will be back to my topic of choice, the one I know you can't wait to read about AGAIN... the paper! This time, it is supposed to be out of draft state and into final state, but we will see if I get there. I have a feeling I might have to submit one more after this, seeing as I apparently didn't have a well-articulated thesis in my first draft. Ahhh. The pain. The agony. I'm not sure which. (Just a side note: there were several times as I typed this that I wanted to learn how to strike out the words... because I think it is soooo cool!) 

Anyway, that is my really super exciting schedule for the next two-ish weeks. 

Once I live through all of this (and yes, I WILL live through these blasted assignments and will be closer to graduating because school stress / nonsense cannot kill me) I hope to be more diligent in my writing here. More creative. More interesting. Etc. 

But for now, you get the raw, in the moment, lacking editing or forethought, thoughts and ideas of me. In my rather confused, tired, at moments brain dead, and in other moments hyper-brained, flip-flopping-between-all-of-these-and-more-unnamed-states/emotions. 

And how I type all of these "raw" posts, is probably how I actually talk: for those of you who don't really know me! :) Unedited. Conversation with myself. Jumping between topics. Self. 

...If I could only figure out how to have You Gotta Be playing in the background of my life the next few weeks. I guess it can as long as I have the ipod or computer accompanying me. 


Kelley said...

you can do it! here's how you do the strikethrough thing.

< s > words inserted here < / s >

don't put the spaces in between the < >, but it wouldn't let me comment without it!

Jonathan said...

I love you honey, you can do it.

Laura said...

Your comment on my blog totally cracked me up!!! I really hope you keep blogging. I would totally miss you! We'd have to exchange emails and become friends in REAL LIFE!!! ;)