Friday, May 29, 2009

Case of the Missing Food.

I am admittedly very hungry right now, but I'm going to a friends for dinner, so I should be trying to hold off. 

You see, we need to go to the grocery store, because our pantry/refrigerator/shelves/lazy susan seem to be missing food.

For instance... I finished off my last can of soup a few days ago, and not realizing this, came home on lunch one day hoping to make it, but there was none left.

And then today someone finished off my Sun Chips, between the time I left at lunch and was ready to eat a snack about 20 minutes ago. Dang it!

By the way: they were French Onion, not Sour Cream and Onion, so my mistake yesterday.

And this morning the fruit was missing! I suppose it was either thrown out or eaten between yesterday morning when I prepared some to take to work and this morning when I planned to do the same thing.

And the big block of cheeese I bought not too long ago, seems to have also disappeared. I have not cut many slices, so I can't imagine that one other person could have eaten the entire thing on his own, but I have been wrong before. 

And lastly, the milk is gone, so I had a little bit of dry cereal to fend off the grumblings in my stomach.

Except for the soup, do you see a pattern? 

My life does not revolve around food people. I promise it doesn't. Okay, actually maybe it kind of does, but that is besides my point here. 

My point is that my food is disappearing and I have never had this happen to me before!

So maybe tomorrow I'll go to the grocery store. 

That could possibly be fun. And I'll be able to replenish the food and hopefully not have it all disappear in a matter of days. 

But I'm going to have to start buying food that the man doesn't like so I can count on it being around when I need some nourishment.  I feel like I'm living with a teenage boy. Which I have done once in my life, when both my brother and I were living at my parents house, but my mom was better than either my husband or I at keeping the kitchen stocked and he and I didn't always choose the same foods for snacks / meals, unless they were chosen for us. So this is my first real experience with having the food I like just disappear. 

I would have investigated, but I'm fairly certain I know the perpetrator.

 So having just eaten peanut butter sandwiches and fruit and cereal and english muffins for basically all of my meals this week, except for two, I am excessively pumped about dinner. 

And maybe for breakfast, too... if I can manage to go out to a very sweet little diner that I have been wanting to go to for weeks.


Callie Nicole said...

Maybe the same perpetrator stole the food in my house (starts with "h", ends in "band"?). I have my suspiciouns!

Q. and La. said...

Well at least you know you can bribe him with food!!! ;)