Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Practically Exhausted. Day 1.

Today was the first day of my practicum-type class that I will spend the next 10ish weeks of my life doing for most working hours of the week. Does that make sense?

We had orientation. Lots of speakers, lots of info., lots of training. I did okay through most of it, though I started feeling a little overwhelmed when we were released to check out our particular assignments. Eeeek! They know we are learning, so it shouldn't be too scary, but I am slightly terrified at moments. But at other moments I feel like it is going to be okay! It will be rigorous and fast-paced, but it also won't be dominating my life when I have other, more-academic classes for which I need to study!

So tomorrow we return and we get back to it for some more orienting. Good times. It starts earlier, but ends earlier, too! so I think I'll be able to handle days 2 and 3 and then I will reward myself with a calm weekend. 

And if nothing else, it will definitely be a challenging summer (both mentally and very possibly emotionally.) 

And if I keep with the Shred, then physically too! :) I had to take today off because my poor legs are shredded and torn and so very sore. I was holding the class up as we went up and down stairs, because I literally had to lift each leg up with my hands to get them onto the next step up. And coming down? Well I just held on to the hand rails and would swing a little up and then lower myself down with my arms, kind of like I was swinging down them as a 14 year old boy might.  But man, that is some good pain and I like being sore. I could seriously get used to it. 

Oh, and the good thing about this summer class? No actual homework as in reading assignments etc. Hallelujah! That means lots of time for fun summer evening events with Handsome and friends. Ahhh. Summer nights! One of my very most favorite things in the world. Ever. 


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Kelley said...

yeah for no homework!