Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peace on the Range.

This evening, after I finished classes and Mr. R-h finished work, we went to the local driving range to hit some golf balls. 

Handsome is a great golfer. And he loves the game. Exceedingly more in warm weather than in the cold. But he really just enjoys it. And he has been talking about it and doing it quite a bit recently. I think he has been playing for something like eleven years. (I'm sure if I say something incorrect here he will ever so gently correct me about it when he reads this in the next few days.)  

I played a little as a child...meaning I took lessons, because my mom, being the great mom that she was, exposed my brother and I to many a different activity so that we might find our niche (or niches plural perhaps). I was told as a child that I had a natural swing, but it didn't matter much to me. At the time, things having to do with the outside where never my preference. As I have grown, I have come to find some peace that comes from being outside. A tranquility in my often uneasy spirit. Possibly because of the activities that I do outside clear my mind. But in these experiences, I have learned more to appreciate the beauty in the things our Lord has created for us to enjoy.  

So in college, while I was dating the now Mr., I would increasingly find myself alone on Saturday afternoons when he went golfing in the warm-ish months between Marches and Octobers. So one summer (or maybe one spring semester after I graduated and was living at home and working a very flexible job), I decided I should pick it up again. It would be a good way for me to be able to hang out with Handsome and it might even be fun to revisit something I had known a little of as a child. So I enrolled in a class at the local college and began golfing again. (To be more accurate, I began hitting range balls again). And I enjoyed it.

Now, I didn't fall in love with the sport, but its a pretty good time. And since my husband likes it sooooo much, and because I think its important to be interested in the activities the other enjoys at least to some degree, it is something we can now do together some

So tonight we did just that. I had a good time with my husband, my golf clubs in God's creation (that man has organized in some fashion to make it all the more enjoyable). 

And I felt so at peace afterwards.

I'm here and I'm still writing,


Brittney Galloway said...

What a great post! Golf is a hard sport to pick up, and though I like the challenge of how difficult it is, it moves way too slow for me and my hyperactive tastes! It's great though that you are finding ways to spend with your hubby!

Laura said...

I'm so not a golfer. I am a mad mini golfer though!

It is important to show interest in your mans interests...especially the sport ones!

Go you, now just take some photos of you together...