Saturday, April 25, 2009

One of Those Days.

Today is the kind of spring day I know all too well. 

It's warm outside, but not hot. 

I have a headache that I can't seem to beat even with a lot of water, a little Advil, and soup hot soup. 

It is the kind of headache that comes from the wind and the allergies of spring. 

It is the kind of wind that doesn't ever really stop, except for that moment when you are about to go out to the car. So you make a break for it and boom, all of a sudden,  it starts up again just as you get half way between the front door and the car. 

It is the kind of wind that will cause you to  see the outside of your skirt while everyone else sees what should be hiding beneath it. 

It is the kind of wind that will have you find dirt on the inside of your ears when they tickle on the inside from the allergies and you reach your pinkie finger in to try and make it stop and out it comes with a nice film or gritty brown dirt. 

Ahhh. Spring is here.  Days of 40 degree weather (and weather much colder than that) has probably finally passed, only to return in the fall as a refreshing respite from the one hundred degree days of summer. 

But for now, prior to the beginning of summer, the wind will blow and blow. Eventually ushering in the wonderful warm nights of summer, but until then, one with allergies must stay inside. 

And staying inside is a good thing, because this is the the right kind of day for studying.

And studying is what must be done. 

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