Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!

I do not often write weekend wrap-up type posts, but I am totally sharing my wonderful weekend with you this time.

It is funny that I'm writing this post, because I'm sick with some sort of cough. And Handsome doesn't feel that great either. But I have to say that this bit-of-sick we caught slowed us both down just enough for some really nice, quality "us" time this weekend.

I started feeling icky on Wednesday night last week, but I haven't been completely laid up in bed. Just not able to sit and study! Ha.... too bad.

Considering that Mr. Ruggedly Handsome and I haven't really spend any quality alone time in several weeks due to busy schedules and wonderful family time, a weekend with no real obligations was just what the Dr. ordered.

My weekend started after classes on Friday when Handsome and I had a lunch date at one of our favorite pizza - sub shops. It was packed and delicious and we actually got to sit and have a conversation with each other for twenty minutes or so. After that, I sat my tush on the couch at the house, watched some Lizzie McGuire on the Disney channel and started meal planning for the next week-ish. It was completely perfect. Friday night we did the majority of our grocery shopping (for those planned meals). We realized we hadn't grocery shopped together in enitrely toooooo long and we went to a grocery store that is neither of our usual, so it was definitely a fun adventure.

Saturday the Mister had a couple of not-so-organized sports games that he played in and I cooked up the Chicken Spaghetti I have been wanting to make for a solid two-ish weeks now. I basically followed the Pioneer Woman's recipe, except I cheated and bought a pre-cooked chicken and I forgot the chicken broth. We don't own cayenne, so I skipped that too. And unlike her hubby, mine LOVES casseroles so I knew with a fair amount of certainty that he would love it. And he did.

It is definitely simple. And I think it actually tastes good warmed up, so there is my tip for you!

After that, we whipped up some Peanut Butter Blossoms the way my Momma taught me, and that was definitely a treat because I had forgotten that they are my absolute. most. favorite. cookie. ever. Forget the Chocolate Post, because I have done you a major disservice. These are the most delicious sweet treat you will ever eat. And people will love you for making them. 

Then we wrapped up the weekend with an not-so-impromptu-impromptu birthday party, church, a movie on the couch, a little bit of the Olympics, and the best dang Starbucks date we've had in I don't know how long.  I'm so thankful that I didn't feel well enough to study this weekend. And that Handsome and I could just chillax, as I say, with each other. There is something really wonderful to having a stress-less moment with a person you really care about, especially since we didn't get to celebrate Valentines Day or the anniversary of our engagement due to other life events happening. This weekend totally made up for all of that.

I hope you had a delightfully relaxing weekend as well!

I'm here. And I'm still writing...


Courtney said...

I LOVE Peanut Butter Blossoms also! Actually, last weekend I made some myself! And like you, my mother also taught me how to make 'em! :)

katie + bret said...

Lizzie! How fun is that?! Johnny Tusami was on a few weeks ago while Bret was out of town and I just HAD to watch it for old times sake! :)

Hope you and hubs are feeling 100% soon!

Annie said...

sounds like a great weekend!
i love that you watched lizzie mcguire. i used to love that show!!
if you make anything else in your weekly meal plans, post recipes! i'm always looking for new stuff to cook/have my fiance cook :)
i hope you are both feeling better!
have a great day/week!!

Callie Nicole said...

I'm glad you had such a nice weekend! I think it's so funny that you watched Lizzy McGuire on the Disney Channel - I secretly watch the Disney Channel sometimes too, even though I suppose I'm too old for it - but you watched it too, so I guess I don't have to be so secretive about it! Ha!