Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quasi-Meal Plan. Take 2.

A few weeks back I tried to make a quasi-meal plan. I call it quasi, because I am not anywhere close to saying that I will make tacos on Monday and stew on Tuesday and spaghetti on Wednesday. But I am definitely willing to try and decide on a few possibilities and from there base it a little on mood each evening.

I haven't tried this method in a couple of weeks, because we really haven't gotten into a flow with my new schedule yet. I say we because I haven't gotten into a flow and my lack of understanding my own school schedule and demands translates into further lack of understanding for my man. And really who can blame him? How can a man understand a woman who doesn't understand herself?

Anyway. Back to the point, I haven't tried meal-planning again, but I thought it was fairly successful last time, so I'm willing to give it another go!

These are my ideas for this week:

1. White Chile! (maybe I'll even post the recipe with an attempt at photos later on because I'm making up my own recipe and have NO idea how it will turn out).

2. Chicken Spaghetti. I have been craving this for a while now. I'm not really sure how long it takes or what recipe, am going to use, but I might try to whip up a batch one afternoon because I just can't seem to get the little idea out of my head.

3. Pancakes and Bacon. Because really, I can't plan a weeks worth of meals without having breakfast thrown in there.

For the other meals, the rugged one will probably have to eat leftovers or find a small animal in the woods and cook it over a fire. Good thing he is rugged like that, yes? Just kidding. About the cooking a small animal over a fire part. But not about the leftovers part. I suppose he could always go for cereal if he isn't into the leftovers.

And I'll let you know how things turn out. And if they don't turn out I probably won't let you know about it and the Mr. will probably have to start that blog he has been talking about for so long "This is the Real Katie dot blogspot dot com" .

Happy Eating!



katie + bret said...

I am always so impressed/amazed at all the meal planning that goes around. I crave something different to eat every 5 minutes - My meal plan would just be a joke! HA!

You are right, breakfast for dinner is generally a must and White Chili and Chicken Sketti sounds delish! Can't wait to see what recipes you end up using and how they turn out.

Happy Eating to YOU!

Just Me said...

looking forward to hearing about your food endeavors! Thanks for stopping and your sweet comments. =)