Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February! and HELP!

So last year in February... I did the whole post-a-day thing! It was fun, but I'm not sure I'm going to shoot for that same goal this year. Either way, it really is crazy to me to think I've actually really been doing this for over a year now.

Anyway. That wasn't where I was going to go with this post.

Where I was going to go was to ask for blogger advice! Apparently, even though I've been around a while, I haven't figured out all of the things blogger can do. E.g. Responding to comments on my blog with an email to yours (the reader).

I receive email responses to comments I post sometimes and I think its a nice personal touch. But... I just have NO idea how to respond to the comments YOU leave me (unless I happen to already know your email or I decide to leave you a comment in response on your own blog, which is not always handy).

Any help, or advice, or step-by-step instructions, OR offers to enable this feature on my blog are welcomed!




katie + bret said...

ummm... I don't remember how I did this. Kelsey taught me how - I hope she follows you because she will help you out for sure!

Annie said...

the way i respond to comments is i read all my comments through my email and i just hit respond. if the commenter has an email address you can respond :)
if they dont, well they are naughty! ha! i get sad when someone leaves me a question and they have a "no reply comment email" then i can't write them back :(
hopefully this helped ya out!

Mindy said...

I never figured this out when I had the regular commenting system either... but I love the Intense Debate commenting system so you can reply right there on the spot!