Monday, July 20, 2009

The Truth.

Ok, ok... the long awaited answer post!

1. I am seriously not sure what it means that you guys peg me for a high heels girl! Grrr. Would it have been more believable if I had said flip flops.

I actually own about 4 pair of heels, and 1 pair of boots with a heel.

As of Friday I owned 4 pair of tennis shoes.

So as of Friday you all are mostly correct. But I got new running and hiking tennie's this weekend so now all three are truths!!! Didn't plan that. The hiking are because that is something handsome and I have been doing. The running are because mine are hurting my feet. I also have a pair of grey ones that are nice for jeans. An old pair of running that I have painted and played in the mud in. And a pair of tennie's for shorts etc, that are not the most supportive for athletic activity, but have been good to just slip on when I'm all "casz" but want socks! (Seriously, I hardly wear sandals because my feet are always cold and I love me a good pair of socks...) Maybe I will post photos of all the shoes on here soon.

As far as "High" heels go, I have a red peep-toe pair, a black suede peep-toe pair, a black slingback, a black closed heel, and a pair of black boots. That is probably enough information.

2. I have a miniature flip flop that says " I Heart(red symbol not the word) [Mr. Ruggedly Handsome]".
I think its ridiculously cute. But it also makes me feel like I'm a bit 14. Except and "I heart someone" would totally be inappropriate if I were 14. And I never had such a thing at 14.

3. And yes, I really only like sage green and white towels. And if total truth were known I probably wouldn't go for sage green if I had a bathroom with wall color... but I have come to know and accept the sage green towel as it acts as a "color" in the bathroom. You see, I have had white / ivory bathroom walls for the last, oh, six or seven years. And the white towels just really aren't that pretty. Thankfully Handsome's towel's are navy so we don't have an issue confusing them.

Thanks to those of you who played my game!!

I'm here. And I'm still writing...


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Q, La, and Gooner said...

Oh yay, what fun! I really enjoyed this game!!! For some reason I just like learning MORE about you!