Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Truth About Church Softball. Part 1.

Handsome's life is a bit different than mine. This morning actually, I should probably be calling him Mr. Ruggedly, not Handsome. That is yesterday he endured some major trauma...

so for now I feel like I'm being a little more candid with the Rugged part. (Even if I still think he is Handsome...)

It was a little bit difficult to get a good picture of this gash with my phone. Or his phone. What happened you ask? Well, our phones just don't actually take that great of photos... (Oh, you were asking about his eye... and that was the purpose of the post anyway right? )

Ok so back to "Mr. Ruggedly" (for now)... He and I went to his church softball game yesterday evening. It was an early game, 6:30. Just in time for the glaring sun to be shining down on me as I strain to watch the game. Just in time to be too hot for jeans, but not quite hot enough for shorts. Just in time for me to have to actually do homework or school related stuff when I get home because I won't be legitimately tired enough not to. Needless to explain further that I wasn't thrilled about the early game...

So my man usually plays short or third, but he last night he moved to the outfield because no one else could (or wanted) to play out there. So this guy gets up to bat and he is a good two hundred and thirty pounds of something. And just as expected he slammed one. Actually, that is not totally accurate because it didn't go over. But he hit it well... somewhere he must have thought no one would get to it. It was slightly close to left field, somewhat of a run from left center where Mr. Ruggedly was playing.

But you guessed. My Mr. Ruggedly can usually get to most things. He's quick on his feet so they say. And I suppose that is where his true problem began. Both the left fielder, we'll call Leftie for ease, and Mr. Ruggedly saw the ball and saw the placement. (I know you know what is coming next). They both took off running and somehow they both got to the ball at the same time as one another. Ouch. I know. It definitely wasn't pretty and I was some 153 yards away. (Not sure if that is an accurate representation of distance.)

But Mr. Ruggedly popped right back up after some large collision, and he waved the ball at the ump (For the third out of the inning by the way) ... Sadly, Leftie didn't get up so quickly. He lay on the field for sometime. Long enough for all of Mr. Ruggedly's teammates made their way to Left Center field. It took some time. We were getting restless and uncomfortable in the stands. I think the other team was getting a little uncomfortable too, though their wives didn't seem to notice.... But eventually his team helped him up. (His knee is in pretty bad shape...)

So all the while I was sitting in the bleachers on third base, talking to one of the other wives and thinking my man is a-okay. I was not concerned in the slightest. I knew he had had many head injuries (and I definitely couldn't tell where they collided) but Handsome (I mean Mr. Ruggedly) had popped right back up. And I know I saw him flash a grin when he waved that ball at the umpire.

And I continued on like this, slightly worried about Leftie's limping on his way back to the dugout, but primarily just thinking I was glad my man got out of that one okay (Have I mentioned he is prone to head injuries? Like gashes and concussions. God Bless his mother's soul for all those years he caused her grief).

Back to the story: Umm, so we were sitting there talking about Leftie when the other woman's husband comes up. He said, "Wife," (to his obviously, not to me), "We are gonna need an ice pack for Leftie. Oh, and do you have a First Aid kit or a band-aid or anything in the car? Mr. Ruggedly is bleeding."

She wasn't prepared.

I however, always have band-aids. Smuggly, I handed him one that he could take to my husband... to bind up his wounds. Little did I know that a band-aid was seriously not going to bind up this wound.

To Be Continued.

I'm here. And I'm still writing...


Callie Nicole said...

Ouch! I'm impressed that you had a Band-Aid all ready - so prepared!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Way to be prepared AND so painful! At Q's games I am ALWAYS the one with ice packs and the such. Awesome wife that you are!