Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Velour Track Suit, Really?

(*In case you were wondering about yesterday's post: It tastes more like a pear but sort of has an apple-y texture. It was not as juicy as a pear... about like an apple. And mine wasn't nearly as mushy as some pears I have purchased, and yet, not quite as crunchy as an apple. Definitely interesting. And worth a try if you find them in your local grocery aisle. Now onto today's post...)

I was just reading some articles on the New York Times webpage and came across this

I found the article rather interesting.  And I can't get over the fact that some lawyer wore a track suit into court! And while I think that cases should be decided on their merits and not what the lawyer was wearing, I am utterly amazed at her lack of respect to the institution.

There are certain jobs and careers that require conservative, not always thrilling clothing. I don't want to see a doctor wearing a track suit and I'd rather not have to stare at the chest of a teller when I go to the bank. (Perhaps this is why ATM's are so popular.) I would feel similarly if I could see down the blouse or see the legs on my dental hygienist! And if I had a lawyer representing me in court, I would definitely like him or her to be wearing clothing that doesn't draw attention to their self, which means that they would probably be wearing a plain old suit without too many frills or too much skin. Especially if I was paying them some 100 dollars or more an hour to represent me!
But more seriously, I think the article points out some fundamental issues we have in our society. The display of overly seductive or brazen clothing that is showing up in our court rooms and on our streets is  evidence of a much larger societal issue. That women and men have overly sexualized the society, such that women feel the need or desire to dress skimpily, to gain attention (be it the wrong kind) is disturbing. But I find it even more so in what were once considered professional settings. 

Personally, I feel very sad for women, when I see too much cleavage, too short of shorts, bra straps, and even really high heels. I feel like they are searching for something, maybe something they aren't really even aware of. They are seeking a response, some attention and probably from both females and males, because there is an old adage (okay, I don't know how old it really is, but you know what I mean) that girls dress for other girls. So when a woman has on clothing, or lack thereof, that draws attention to herself, she does so for the response of men and women. And she does so because she is empty.

I do not have friends that wear very inappropriate clothing, because most of them are secure in their identity and they have fathers, husbands, brothers, mothers, and sisters that love them and care for them as they are. I wish that men didn't have to see women scantily clad, inviting them to sin. I wish women didn't feel the need to wear very little or wear clothing that is inappropriate for the setting they are in, such that some man might notice or that she might make another woman (be it a certain kind) jealous at the attention she is getting from men.

I dont really have a good way to close this post. I just merely wanted to note (on the record for you lawyerly types) that I feel like the dress we see on the streets, on our campuses, and apparently in our courtrooms, shows how hurting our world is. And how much they need a Savior. And how much they need people who know Him, to show them a different way.  

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d.a.r. said...

Yikes!!! I worked for a judge after my first year of law school, and then while working for the district attorney's office I was in her courtroom again all last year...she would have thrown me out immediately if I had shown up in a velour track suit! Holy cow!

But, I totally agree with the crux of your post here, that it is just so sad to see women dressing the way they do. I think the older I get, the more conservative I get and I am just appalled at the way teenagers are allowed to dress! My mama never would have let me out of the house in some of those get ups, and even worse is seeing belly baring tube tops and itty bitty mini skirts on pre-teens! Yikes. It's so sad that they are being taught (or allowed to think) that their entire self-worth is based on their sexual appeal.

Callie Nicole said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly on this. The extent to which our culture has taken the scantily-clad look is disturbing.

Kelley said...

first of all, thanks for the clarification on the Apple Pear...I may just go try it!

Secondly, oh my word. I can't believe a "professional" would show up like that. There are so many lost people out there. My heart hurts for them, and I so wish they would open their eyes and their hearts to our loving Father.

SassyTimes said...

Interesting. I never understood why women feel the need to dress...umm...skantily clad. Even when I used to go out dancing in my younger years, I never showed much skin. What happened to imagination? It seems non-existent in our society...class is going out the window.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I hope u feel better!