Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prayer Request. Semi-Selfish.

 Please pray for me and the Mr. 

I am currently awake, freezing, exhausted, and have soreness in my throat. I left our bedroom and set up camp in the other bedroom, where I closed the air vent (too cold) and piled up a lot of blankets. I couldn't relax between worrying, trying not to cough and trying not to disturb the husband.

He is hopefully sleeping, because he has a big day the next 5-ish days basically. Handsome needs to feel at the top of his game as he will be traveling for work Thursday and Friday, possibly helping his brother and sister-in-law pack up to move on Saturday, and he has some testing that must be done on Monday, which it would be wonderful if he felt well for.

You see, Sister-in-law came over for dinner last night and she wasn't feeling well. And even though I Lysol-ed the heck out of our house, I'm afraid both of us aren't feeling that great at this point. We also saw her for some time Saturday and my throat has been tickling since then. Poor thing hasn't felt well in over a week, but this just isn't the most opportune time for Handsome to not be feeling well as there are so many things going on!

So really, I don't need the prayers as much as he does. I can handle a little bit of being under the weather, especially if it means he doesn't get any! I have time to rest in the evenings and won't be doing anything too strenuous any of the days. But that may not be the case for him. And I heard from his SIL that his mom might have it too and she'll be around for the weekend events as well... I really don't want him to get sick!

 I reminded him to get some Zinc, and to load up on some emergen-C too.  And I hope he will be able to rest enough and will limit his time with the sicklies even if it means less time with his brother (right before they get outta Dodge). 

And those are the only things  that we can humanly do(that I can think of for now), so now I'm asking for divine prevention or healing for something as small as what could be a common cold or flu, but that has the possibility of taking place during a very important week. 

The Lord already knows what is going on and He has a plan for what is best for the entire upcoming situation... I'm going to rest in that. 

And thank you for any prayers you might offer on his behalf.


Kelley said...

i hope you all start feeling better! I will definitely be saying some prayers for you all!

Anonymous said...

wishing you lots of rest and plenty of fluids to drink :) you'll be up and running in no time.

Jonathan said...

thanks honey.