Thursday, June 18, 2009

My List of Names.

Well friends, I am compiling a list of friends to invite to the Beth Moore Blog Study by Jennifer Rothschild!

Please pray over the following names: that the Lord would touch the right ladies' hearts so that we might have a wonderful group to get together and that God's glory would spread between us.


Thank you for your prayers and support! Not all of these ladies are included in the group that I posted about last week, however a few of them are. And a few have been to church before in their lives, but I'm not sure it was ever very real to them. And the last few are strong Believers that I would be thrilled to spend more time with. Some of these ladies are my age and some are closer to my mom's age, so I'm trusting the Lord to build the right group that we would be in fellowship together according to His purposes.

I'm here. And I'm still writing...

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Kelley said...

I will pray that all of these women are willing and able to participate! I know that it would be an amazing opportunity for you all!