Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Know, Knew and Have Known.

 Even before I even knew that I would be on this path and sitting in this room, you have been with me.
You have known.
You have known from the day I started Kindegarten that today would be the day.
You have known what the testing center would look like and by whom I would sit.
 You have known the topics.
You have ordered the questions.
 You know the people that wrote them and you already know who will grade my answers.
You know where I will struggle, where my confidence will be good and when I will tire.
You have worked out the details.
You have directed my steps.
In each hour  of studying, in each class that I have taken, in each and every moment of each and every day, you have had a plan that is good for me.
You have encouraged me through my husband's vocal prayers over me.
 You gave him the words to speak that would most touch my heart.
You encouraged me through messages from my mom, and from his.
You provided a friend who has been through this very thing to offer support and others with whom I have commiserated and learned much in the last six weeks.
You have been with me and made yourself known continually during this period of concentrated preparation.
I believe I am prepared for what I will see, because you were with me as I divided my time.
You directed my steps.
I think on the words, Your Word, that is tucked away in my heart:
Your burden is easy, your yoke is light.
You are an anchor for my soul.
You are a calm in this storm.
You rejoice over me, even today, with singing from the heavens.
You quiet me now. In this very moment and in this very room.
You are delighted in me.

You are mighty and so much more powerful than all my earthly fears and doubts.
You are with me, Lord God: today and unto the end of the age.
With joy and love, peace and singing, I'm here. And I thank you that I'm writing,


Kelley said...

beautiful, just beautiful!

Jonathan said...

typo "you have known the the topics"

loved this post though my dear.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I'm praying for you!