Friday, July 23, 2010

The Irritants Have Taken Residence.

So, not only am I losing my mind, but the littlest tiniest things are starting to bother me:
See e.g.:
1. There are a LOT of walkers in our neighborhood. No problem. Except when its mom’s walking on the wrong side of the street with their strollers. Ride with. Walk against. Isn’t that the rule?
2. It is very hot in our house. Hot, sticky. Blah. But when I head out to air conditioned buildings they are overcompensating and I get so cold that I can’t feel my nose and it starts running. The temperature variations between my house, most places, and outside could make any normal person sick. How much easier this could happen to me and my tired compromised immune system!
3. If I get sick, I will plan on losing my mind and crying and whining and generally not trying to be pleasant. But I’m not going to get sick. I CAN’T get sick right now.
4. Friend’s status messages on gmail chat about the impending test. Duh. We all KNOW. And if someone doesn’t know you have a HUGE test coming up in your life and they start chatting with you, perhaps you should not even have them on your dang chat list. At least I’m not on facebook though, with almost everyone else in my class.
5. I do not want random texts from random people asking me to do things for them right now. I don’t care if you want my study materials from the last few years of school. You KNOW I have a test coming up. Ask me the day after and I might consider sending them to you. For asking now, I’m considering destroying the materials in a large fire and having s’mores to celebrate.
6. Random chatters in the Coffee Shop acting like they are the smartest people in the world.
This always bothers me when I’m studying (actually, even when I am not) but really. You are NOT the smartest people in the world and your ideas are not new. Read Ecclesiastes.
7. Handsome made lunch plans with a friend. WHAT?! He thought I would be studying?! Hello, break down, this is Katie!( It is not his fault he had plans with a friend the ONE day that I actually want to get lunch together and the one day that I need emotional support).
Ha. So that is my list. I generally want to be upbeat and positive, but I thought this might be sort of amusing. In spite of these negative, minor irritations, I have to say I have gotten a lot of good encouragement too.
Nice calming phone call from a friend. An short but positive encounter from another. Thoughtful encouraging texts from my mom. A surprise visit and much needed hug at the library from my man. Sweet continual reminders from the Lord in His Word that he has a plan and I need to trust him with this situation.
Just a matter of hours left. The countdown begins. This too shall pass.

I'm here. And I'm (surprisingly) still writing.


Kelley said...

praying for you over this weekend and until after your test is over! You will rock it!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. And though I am one, Mom's can be SUPER annoying. And yes ride with walk against and I see Mom's on the wrong side ALL THE TIME! Yay for it being over soon!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Praying for clarity & wisdom for your test, Katie!!