Friday, July 9, 2010

When Do Ostrich Bury Their Head in the Sand?


So much for that plan.

I'm tired.

I'm busy. 

I'm stressed. 

Adding one more thing, one more expectation on myself right now is doing the opposite of what I thought it would. 

Instead of feeling like I can blog a couple of times as mental relief, I have been feeling that a schedule (at this time) is just not feasible for me. 

My creativity hits a complete Berlin-type wall whenever I open a blank post page.

Nothing gets out of my brain. Actually all thoughts just disappear but not to any place where I can find them. Or make sense of them.

What is funny though is that at moments, I'm enjoying this period. This studying. Maybe because it could very well be the last time I study ever. And likely will be the last time I study intensely for at least seven or eight months.  Because, you know, I might want to go back to school or something.

I have been taking photos though and have good ideas for accompanying posts (or maybe the other way around). But... I haven't uploaded. 

And I have asked a couple of people (non-bloggers who read my blog) to write some friendly, compelling, comment (and thought) provoking posts... but no one has yet complied with my simple little request.

Perhaps, YOU want to? Okay good at least something will be going up. Thanks for volunteering blog readers.

So I guess that sort of makes me a lame blogger. And I really don't like writing these posts that are full of excuses. I'd rather write a post asking you for questions (so I could reply to them, because I have always wanted to do that) but then I get nervous that you don't want to participate. Or I could write a post about how I'm living healthy but I have a photo I want to show you for that. And then I could sum up our past weekend (before we hit another one) and share my experiment with the fireworks scene setting on our camera, but once again, photos are not uploaded.

So instead I complain. And whine. And make excuses for blogging lameness.

Because that is sooo much easier than uploading photos, right?

Anyway. I'm here. And I'm not really writing, but I hope to be soon. Though, it won't be on a schedule. Forget I ever said anything about that. 
Oh, and in case you are interested: I feel like burying my head in the sand out of blogging shame. LIke I should just shut down the operation, except that I know this period, too, shall pass and then I'd be sad. But in naming the post, I wondered to myself if Ostrich do bury their head in the sane and WHY they would do such a thing. And I was delighted to find this lovely website that contains a wealth of information on the flightless bird. Yahoo! Kids. Who knew?

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